PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 8

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So it looks like I was right on the mark about Kamui in his connection to the 184 children that died–  however it’s noted by Shimotsuki here that he was pieced together with parts of these children.  This makes sense as to why the Sibyl scanners cannot detect him but I fail to understand why he has taken upon himself to push the Sibyl System to destroy itself as we gathered in an earlier episode.

A lot better direction here than what was thrown at us in the past two weeks but it looks as though the budget was pretty low for this season to begin with: the music is a step down from last season, the direction especially here where Kamui is put into the place of the doctor discussing with Saiga about the procedure of how Kamui was re-created made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I still cannot fathom why Production I.G. used a subsidiary of its company, Tatsunoko to handle animation production on this as it was stated before by the parent company that this WAS going to be their new flagship series in the vein of Ghost in the Shell.  What’s even more puzzling is why hand it off when they are producing the animation for the feature film?

Shimotsuki is getting stronger as she’s been discovering the secrets behind Kamui’s connection to the Togane foundation, the doctor performing his surgery and Misako Togane’s uncanny resemblance to Chief Kasei.  This proves how even she is able to have a little distrust towards the system even while being hypocritical with her feelings of jealousy over Akane’s out-of-the-box investigation methods.  The worse thing this show could have done for itself and especially here was write up a flimsy story about Kasei and potential family members.  None of which was pointed out in the first season–   is this season running by the seat of its pants and just moving forward as it goes along?  Sure does look that way.

Judging by everything that Shimotsuki discovered even about Sakuya Togane being created just proves that Kasei has been pulling some strings for the sake of protecting Sibyl.  What I do not understand is why Shimotsuki if she knew even with the slightest bit of detective skills that she has that Kasei and Misako Togane are one in the same then she should not have submitted that report to her.  Getting herself apprehended by Togane and his mother was a slap in the face that completely dismantles Shimotsuki’s character back to square one!  This goes to show how poorly written these new inspectors and enforcers are for this season of Psycho-Pass!


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