PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 9

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What is going on here?!  Shimotsuki was a rookie at the start of this series because she was just like Akane and what added to her character was that she survived a horrific incident from Oryo already.  That alone should have made her stronger, but instead only over the course of these episodes she’s been mentally broken and become an insignificant piece of the story now.  She only adds more drama that is completely unneeded and just fills time.

Initially I thought that Kamui would have been one of those brains that somehow escaped from Sibyl after re-discovering himself and the impurities of the system, but with the reveal last time that he’s a a person with parts of 184 children from a plane crash story that felt so abrupt in the world of Psycho-Pass, I cannot help but feel that the writer Ubukata might be running at the seat of his pants on this one.  Also there are tons of similarities between his work on Mardock Scramble‘s dialogue and this second season of Psycho-Pass in that paradoxes are thrown around.  While the atmosphere and characters were great in carry Mardock along this show is portrayed way too abrupt.

The cinematography is forcing itself to catch up to the level of the first season and Saiga is trying to be the intellectual Kougami of this season–  this show is trying way too hard.  The question that begs to be asked here is why did Production I.G. and Gen Urobuchi leave the staff for this second season to a half-hazard writer and sub-par animation studio where the actual feature film is going to be done by the entire staff of the first season?  This really makes no sense.

One thing that this show has done right is improvements on background designs as we’ve re-visited a few places from the first season and they look pretty good.  However, there are still a few scenes here especially with the Koichi dinner part that looked flat even Kamui’s face when he had his discussion with Koichi regarding his plans to destroy Sibyl.

Once again this show excels at elevating the gore as to somehow try to catch the viewer off guard that this show isn’t a cyberpunk series but a horror one–  bad move because it has been poorly executed up to this point due to its shoddy animation techniques and overly-exaggerated camera angles.  Overall it leaves a lasting effect that this show has been written, animated, and all around concieved horribly.  To use the ballad piece during the big reveal toward the end of the episode, why?

Akane’s grandmother Aoi is in trouble and so the first time episode director Keisuke Kojima illustrates this to such a bad effect by using extremely dark scenes to capture Akane’s gradual descent into a less than perfect hue.  It also doesn’t help that these odd camera decisions were managed by the Kimi no Iru Machi OVA director Hiroshi Kobayashi.  Worst OVA I’ve seen recently and Shimotsuki’s praise over the Sibyl system scene was weird especially with this direction.

Also, Aoi was ONLY introduced in this season and it would have made a heck of a lot more sense to use Kougami as the death piece here in transforming Akane’s psycho-pass black and using the grandmother this grated on my nerves quite a bit.  Ubukata you need to stop over emphasizing that Togane is a villain as we’ve known this for a while and that end scene after the credits didn’t help keep this subtle at all.



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