Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 9

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So the travels that Favaro and Amira had at the start of the series finally run full circle here and they continue on their journey to Helhiem.  At first when Jeanne was introduced so late I was worried because we’ve got a series loosely based on a card-series not contrived by any form of novel or manga using a historical character in a minor role only would result in disaster.

However, I was shocked here as this might have been one of the better episodes of Shingeki no Bahamut yet!  The fears that the King has of Jeanne and her attempts at murdering him illustrated tons here on how manipulative demons can be!  The result is Jeanne being imprisoned and left alone unable to fulfill her duty as a knight–  a nice calm before the storm and established one of the best scenes for this series to date–  a  gradual build-up to evolve a pivotal person from history [Jeanne] into a demon.

Manipulating her just as he did with the King tries to get Jeanne to drink from a cup to absolve her of any hope she has about the angels provided a rather very intense cliffhanger cut into the next scene–  information dumping about destiny and fate which leads Favaro into an incredibly tough decision by the end.  I thought the episode would have ended long before this right around the cloaked demon tries to sway Jeanne.  I was really surprised that there was quite a lot put into this that flowed incredibly smoothly!

The shadows from the demon as he was moving his hands against the cell walls resonates exceedingly well the terrifying view this series has on its demons!  It’s too bad this is only going to be 1-cour.


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