Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS Episode 11

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This series has surprised me yet again!  Scriptwriter Masanao Akahoshi probably pulled off one of his strongest plot threads with this episode by allowing Jeanne useful as a demon, Kaisar’s  courageous attempt at saving Amira only to fall about 4 times and Azazel is the one who saves him.

We’re finally getting to the climax of this show and at the brink of Bahamut getting revived–  I am impressed that the episode director here utilized Jeanne’s fighting skills to their full potential by killing angels Raphael, Uriel and Michael.  The very angels that pressed on the belief that Jeanne was going to become the savior throughout all the land and here is where it gets entirely reversed!  Paving the way for Bacchus to fight against her–  proving his usefulness as well.

I hope that this show receives another season because while a few episodes towards the middle had been lackluster for the most part it’s been a fun series to watch!  Also want to point out how Karas composer Yoshihiro IKE is channeling his orchestral pieces into film quality here–  especially with the scene between Michael dying in the human returned Jeanne and the fantastic fight between demon Favaro and Kaisar resulting in him getting shot right into the chest by his very own arrow.

One thing I cannot seem to understand and a character change that felt abrupt is why Lavalley pushes Kaisar off the cliff [what is this the fifth time he’s fallen in this single episode?] only to celebrate in the revival of Bahamut.  Hope this ends well after seeing THAT reveal and this plot development doesn’t blow up in their faces for the finale.


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