Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 11

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It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve talked about this series, I haven’t forgotten it one bit.  It’s a fantastic look at an 80’s manga series that uses a modern style:  animation is bright, Shinichi wears glasses in the beginning which in the manga if I remember doesn’t at all and the music stands out:  dubstep by Ken Arai.  The soundtrack is out for this and I could not have asked for a better collection of anime music as it is very unique in terms of your traditional style of sound in the anime world.  I finished the manga to this and it was just as people have been telling me:  very very good.  Now I can’t wait to see what the creators do to animate the rest of this!

Kana’s dream sequence was a really nice start after the introduction of two new parasites prior to the opening to this show that gives us this wide view of her character.  The love she has for Shinichi and her innate ability at detecting other parasites without really knowing exactly what they are.  Monsters that follow her and a knight in shining armor that resembles Shinichi with a sword-like hand that rides in on horseback to save the day–  I laughed when I saw this simply because this is this is a good vision of how a horror series would be if it were cheesy shonen anime.  This also touched on her constant inquiries about Shinichi being someone that is not human:  the result is that he allows her to pluck a few hairs out of his head, good thing Migi is in his hand and heart and not in his head.  Great idea to recap a slight detail from the previous episode into this one here with that idea.

The dream was also undeniable proof of things to come especially with the introduction of Goto and his annihilation of the Yakuza and interest into integrating with the human society.  Would like to point out that the seiyu of Goto is the same voice of Gilbert from Masterpiece Theatre’s Akage no Anne from the late 70’s into the early 2000’s.  Wonderful casting job here.

After witness the slaughter here he’s much more vicious than any other parasite antagonist Shinichi has ever faced and was a great transition into going towards the second half of Kiseijū and its new cast.  Best fight I’ve seen for this series so far as it finally shows us the terror of a parasite at close range between a group of humans.  Shimada killed a class 3-3 but none of it was really shown so it was nice to finally have a scene like this brought into the open to the viewer here.  Also want to point out that what Goto was testing with the Yakuza very much establishes the main plot of this show to life and full circle from the first episode.  An alien invasion.

The shapeshifting portion of this proves once again that these creatures aren’t to be taken lightly, even by the end here as Shinichi is trying to maintain a level-head and keeping everyone that he knows safe after two massacres at his school.

Glad that Murano and Shinichi are in a relationship now and have a real date without the hinderance of another parasite provides the realistic nature this show chooses to neglect with its other-wordly plot and incongruous soundtrack: smart move here.

The transition here was absolutely perfect where a distraught kid is about to be slapped for crying right in front of Shinichi’s date with Murano–  really reflects the time he had with his own mom and what he’s lost due to his transformation beyond human and parasite.  Those quick flashback segments were ridiculously good and a nice build up to what occurs here at the very end.  Migi’s discovery of new parasites towards this gradual tension to another cliffhanger of meeting Kana there and being noticed by Goto.  The up-close face sequence of him highlighted on screen was that the same animator of the Shiki opening?


1 thought on “Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 11

  1. This show… If it didn’t finish airing this year I might have named it best in 2014. It has some of the best writing and most well-realised characters and it looks good. The next episode… Ugh…

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