Absolute Duo Episode 1

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So instead of establishing a school AFTER introducing the main character Thor, this first episode decides to rush things head first.  What the hell was this?!  Partners battling each other at an academy to gain entry into the prestigious school.  This was horribly acted and had a ton of poorly drawn scenes I have ever seen!  Haha–  I laughed quite a bit here.

Great example of how to rush an episode–  Thor fending off Imari’s sword attacks to establish an un-explained ‘Irregular’ shield as a weapon?  What?  That first half went by so quickly that it didn’t even build-up to the fighting or even why.

The second half has the students sitting next to their partners and the writers don’t even develop them only to introduced a handful of them by name.  Not much to say here about that.  Girl in a bunny outfit teaching a class?  What?  At least with Ikuhara’s Yuri Kuma Arashi, the bear girls have a reason to be dressed like that and while the court’s judge, defense and prosecutor were oddly dressed the entire episode was obscure.  However, Absolute Duo tries way too hard at being realistic while throwing around fluff material–  bunny girl and Julie half-naked sleeping against Thor by the end of the episode tosses around the moe aspect of this forcefully.

I am not expecting much from this anime adaptation of Takumi Hiragi-Boshi’s light novel series and this was without a doubt one of the worst first episodes of the season so far!  And it just happens that the girl Thor sits next to in class, Julie will live with him.  I sense a harem set up and not one that is even developed well!

This is a show that isn’t even worth picking up.

OP: “Absolute Soul” by Konomi Suzuki

Generic J-POP.  The animation was better here than the entire episode, but still not fantastic.  Kokomi Suzuki could have done a much better job at not forcing out the vocals to be dramatic.  Really bad song.

ED: “Believe×Believe” by Nozomi Yamamoto

Not much to say but this sounded very similar to the opening–  not that spectacular.  Vocalist Nozomi Yamamoto should have pronounced her words a bit more here as the mix of pop-sounding instruments did not work at all here. I like her other music performance in last year’s Captain Earth episode 9’s insert song of Ai’s music video but this was incredibly bad.



Should I even be giving this episode a 1? Awful.


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