The Rolling Girls Episode 2

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Picking right up from last time the recruits of the Hiyoshi Town Propellers are on a derailed roller coast from the Higashi Murakami clan.  Seeing how Nozomi didn’t do much in the premiere I’d say this was a fitting place to develop her as the new hero of this series. Utoku being Maccha Green explores how adventurous in the same way that Kyousogiga had been and now that she’s at a confrontation against the Murakami Head Kuniko, this sure paved a strong way in introducing what this series is advertised as:  a group of girls riding motorcycles.

The comedy didn’t let up–  the alligator seriously will we ever see whose underneath that mask?  He’s even called Crocodile.  Haha!  I like how whimsical Rolling Girls truly is while underneath it all its an idol series.  A battle between clans, Utoku vs. Kuniko, Best vs. Best and how quickly developed that alternating roller coaster tracks were.  The animation was still top notch here and I still can’t believe WIT STUDIO the same team behind Shingeki no Kyojin is producing this show!  Kuniko is deceived quite a bit by Utoku here–  it isn’t the suit delivering the power to her but the heart stone.  Bringing back the outcome of the ramen eating contest here was wonderful!  I loved the scene a lot it!  Ended up being really funny and beautifully animated with the maboroshi at the center of it all!  I also like how its this humorous scene that gradually leads up to the identity of Maccha Green!

As much as this is about Utoku protecting Nozomi this was more about Nozomi finding her resolve and growing up.  To sum it up it feels like a wild coming-of-age idol series for not just Nozomi but Utoku and Kuniko as well!  Kuniko’s past is somewhat revealed here and I like how it is the complete opposite of how she is a villain.  A hero wanting to uphold justice because the hero she admired never existed.  Interesting backstory that I’m sure with the final flashback of her attaining a heart stone will dive more into later on.  The repercussions between the two of them provides more than enough start for Nozomi’s journey in collecting the heart stones.

The president of Tokorozawa Haruka Misono being the original member of a heart stone makes this story even more interesting as how many of these are there?  The act that was put into place when it comes to harming others that aren’t bests presents a satisfying conclusion to the heroic days of Maccha Green.

What a nice turnaround here for the girls Nozomi, Yukina, Ai and Chiaya.  Somehow they are childhood friends, it might be too convenient but for a series as silly as this one it works out.

Also like how composer Masaru Yokohama is working on two series this season–  Shigatasu wa Kimi no Uso focusing on classical pieces with an emotional impact and now Rolling Girls rocksteady guitar riffs with a slight mix of techno beats.  I like how laid back this score is.  Vastly different soundtracks by this artist really shows his skill!

I hope this series can continue this trend of being arbitrary and erratically fun!


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