Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 15

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I cannot believe in two weeks I will be having my one-year anniversary on this site.  Not to mention my 300th post is just around the corner.  Crazy how quickly this has gone by.  Before I dive into the latest episode of Kiseijū I want to shift gears into a more personal aspect of my life.  Which come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever done on this site before.

I’ve watched anime all my life ever since I was a little kid and have always had a passion for how much creative freedom these incredible artists have in this kind of medium of entertainment.  For almost a year now I’ve been hosting anime gatherings with friends and this is one of the series we are watching.  It’s great to watch anime series with other people as it can give way to fantastic discussions.  Including what the heck is up with the bears in Yuri Kuma and what does the guy look like under the crocodile mask in Rolling Girls?  Animation does indeed play a small factor in terms of what I watch but there is always one rule I follow.  The style of anime should be varied and that includes story, music and directing among many other aspects.  I might not be a strong writer but I do like to catalog a lot of series I enjoy.  Hopefully the readers here find them somewhat of a good read.  It’s also good to see some feedback on the site as well.  I guess what I’m trying to say here is that having this blog and hosting those screenings I’ve been able to look at anime in a different light than I ever have before.  A change of perspective so to speak.

With regards to animation studios, I want to point out that I’m really impressed with Madhouse this year as they’ve got two incredibly awesome series airing alongside each other.  Kiseijū and Death Parade.  These series have something unique this season in terms of animation:  the designs are mature looking.  I think what inspired me to talk about animation studios are the screenings I hold.  I tend to re-visit an older series in the mix of new anime of the current lineup which this season has been studio Gonzo’s 2006 series Red Garden.  A horror and drama series with a small amount of musical scenes in it.  That series has quite a mature look for its character designs as well as how fluid the animation can be.  I am always taken in by this style which is what caught my eye to Kiseijū in the first place.

The detective decides on having Ryoko tailed by one of his assistants.  As slow moving as this episode was there sure were a lot of intense action sequences that bridge the gap between humans and parasites.  This was developed throughout the majority of the episode here!  The detective getting sick accents how much humans should stay clear away from these things and I like how he avoids the subject all together with one basic reason.  Keeping his family safe.  Funny, how this has been Shinichi’s same reason all along and he’s handling it differently because he’s shifted away from humanity.  Migi is being more sensible than he ever has been!  He brings up the possibility that Shinichi’s father might be killed if they go head on.

It’s nice to see this episode display some human emotion as its been quite some time for Shinichi.  This is due to the fact that Kana has died and he’s separated from Murano.  It’s large impacts like these that make this series spectacular as a whole–  he’s tried to save others and it’s the repercussions of his actions that finally have caught up with him!

Hirokawa’s goals of establishing dining areas for his fellow parasites depicts the trust the others have with Ryoko.  Specifically with her idealizing Shinichi as a wondrous achievement for their species–  the integration of human and parasite as two separate beings as a team.  Shinichi’s dream illustrated this point in such an odd way and I like how it’s this nightmare that further progresses his intent on killing each parasite one by one!

The introduction of Miki was hysterical–  he’s a clumsy guy when he’s trying to be human but it all makes sense when he’s got three parasites inside of him!  Migi’s four hour absence and Miki pursuing him led to a really good cliffhanger here!


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