Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 10

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We often get characters like Watari in anime but most of the time its for a comedic effort.  With Shigatsu he’s been this overwhelming presence for the group:  striving to be better.  I hope we get to see more of this side of him in future episodes!  What a nice conversation at the beginning here between the lead sports star and music prodigy.  Watari is the influential one out of the group but that shifts with this episode more towards Kousei due to his varying performance!  Great move to start this out by rushing Chopin’s music.

He’s trying to focus but can’t seem to get a strong performance out.  This reflects what Emi and Takashi have worked so hard to get to and its this song being played right in front of them that crumbles any aspirations.  So what does Kousei do?  Follows in the footsteps of Kaori and stops playing–  her gripped at the edge of her seat was proof of how linked these two prodigies are.

The transition from a boy saddened by the loss of his mother into a young man love struck by Kaori.  She’s inspiring him to be a better musician–  to find his own reason for playing.  This episode pointed that out loud and clear what this series truly is at heart–  a romance.  The beautiful notes that separates the gap between lost and wavering to found and content.  Incredible!

I also really like how Kaori’s violin is playing in the background during this.  He is slowly starting to play out his emotions through the notes!  His mother that he’s been visualizing sitting in the very back of the stage changes from a dark void to a place filled with light depicts his transition from a nervous boy to a headstrong young man with purpose.


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