Garo -Honō no Kokuin Episode 15

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Happy 1 year anniversary to my blog!  My first post was yesterday!  I cannot believe its already been this long!

I like the filler-esque plot–  a bunch of craftsmen get together along with the return of Julio [episode 6] to make a shining armor knight similar to Alfonso’s Garo.  While this was a good step in the right direction–  the idea to bring common people banding together to protect themselves and the others around the village this episode had a few scenes that weren’t very powerful.

I will say that one thing Garo does well at achieving is how it doesn’t neglect these normal people one bit!  This episode and the thirteenth one focuses heavily on normal people and how they’ve been affected by Horrors and the Makai Knights that protect them.  The aftermath of Mendoza’s schemes are dissolving and we’ve reached a point where humans are standing up for themselves.  The witch hunts at the very beginning of this series resonate so strongly with this episode–  Mendoza brought fear across the lands and now we’ve got craftsmen shouldering dutiful responsibilities.

The shift from this is Leon’s still with Lara and her family–  a powerful Makai Knight to a farmer.  I like this switch in perspectives and how everyone is trying to being courageous in their own ways or in Leon’s case finding some meaning in his life now that he’s not with his father or being able to eliminate Horrors.  Julio redeeming himself here with his pride as a blacksmith was really strong as well.

However what went wrong here?  Well the music for one thing was too light-hearted and what was with the imitation Garo fighting a normal bear?  Weird.  Everything was built up so well to bring Alfonso and German into the picture by the end of this that the fight is too dramatic and lacked substance.


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