Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 15

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Tsubaki didn’t have to end it, Saito respectably gives her an out that is so gentlemen like here.  He has a mutual respect for her which is why he says they’re too much alike. He knows she likes someone else and its probably good for this to happen because now she’s able to move forward without her pulling the punch.  If this had happened prior to the last episode I feel like she would not have cried here.  She’s never emotional but now she’s thinking in a more mature way because of how Kousei’s performance made such an impact!

The scene afterwards here is probably one of the best–  it features one of my favorite piano pieces of all time:  Clair de lune.  Sitting side by side on the piano bench while he plays the song to calm her down she gently puts herself towards the realization that she neglected her real feelings with Kousei by neglecting him all this time while hurting Saito.  Some of her distractions in this provided some hilarious situations for her–  landing head first in the long jump, her death threat towards Hiroko and that scene with the broom.  With this much drama there has to be a good balance of comedy and this is it!  As much as Tsubaki is examining herself and sees herself as a mess its a good contrast against Kaori and how she’s holding it all in.

Emi’s performance is nothing short of captivating and I must say it’s not just Kousei that has been the influence on all of them rather its Kaori.  She’s been the color in Kousei’s world and now he’s displaying what he’s been learning from her onto other musicians.

This is the possibly the best placement in this series to introduce Nagi.  I like how she ends up playing the first performance that Kaori and Kousei played in the beginning.  She’s rife with a rushed passion that eventually leads up to a nice reveal that she wants to ruin Kousei but winds up being a pupil to him!  I can see some hilarious situations between the two of them in happening later on.  What a dynamic turn that will provide him a good breakaway from his wavering feelings about seeing Kaori.

The phone conversation between Kousei and Kaori is pleasant–  he knows how he feels but is unsure how to display his affections towards her.  As for Kaori this ending is incredible here–  we get to see what sort of pain she’s been going through.  All those previous episodes where she’s so energetic really illustrates the impact she has on everyone in this show especially Kousei.  This is a powerful scene that blows just about every other young character in recent seasons out of the water in terms of development here!  She’s been the inspiration to Kousei from the very beginning a mystery that brings him closer to her through music and now reality is finally weighing down on her.  Those closeup angled shots of her distressed expression really came across wonderfully!

Hopefully they will get to perform together one last time before she goes if that is where this series will be heading towards for her character.


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