The Rolling Girls Episode 6

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I like this series a ton–  it’s so whimsically fun for everyone!  However, this arc would have been better off being three episodes rather than two considering how much the creators condensed all these different characters into 40 minutes of runtime.

Love seems to be the theme here for this district that the girls travel to.  It’s briefly touched on at the very end of the previous episode with Mie Motor’s captain Suzuka and shachihoko artisan Himeko.  This time around though, this episode focuses solely on Himeko’s determination on finding what she wants to do in life:  the shachihoko that fell is the driving force for this and I like how Nozomi and the other girls put themselves in Himeko’s shoes by building their very own Shachihoko to claim peace between the two gangs.  They’re forgetting about collecting stones the main reason they went on this adventure only to be caught up in each districts issues.  The results are hilarious here.  This arc is a lot different than the one in the Tokyo district Always Comima–  while that one had tons of energy this one uses a wide range of characters with various ideals and ways to solve problems to get the overall peacekeeping message across to the viewer.

Suzuka wants to bring peace between them without racing but ends up going anyway, Dandy upholds the contract set by Mie Motors out of duty as a Best,  Himeko’s hospitalized grandfather finds his own reason for reuniting with Himeko to rebuild the shachihoko.  The girls especially Nozomi and Yukina set this all up for them in one heck of a way–  try your hardest to bring others together.  A theme surrounded by love and respect for the shachihoko that has been built for years in this district are resurrected with an outsider’s [Nozomi and company]  perspective to creatively establish peace between the two rivaling gangs.  The visuals are awesome here especially with the race between Mie Motors and Suzuka firing the rockets up towards the roof.  It’s flashy and over-the-top but this just gives it the animated charm this series delivers exceedingly well in its narrative!

Suzuka does everything in his power with the Moonlight stone to get those statues up there and I love the addition of the motorcycle and jumbo shrimp.  Defining what your town means artistically through a long standing tradition and the girls pull this off beautifully!


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