The Rolling Girls Episode 7

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Speaking of traditions this episode combines a historical aspect of Japan:  The geisha with rock music to deliver a really unique journey for the four girls to travel on.  This is quite possibly the most beautiful episode I’ve seen yet!  Those background designs of Kyoto continues what Rolling Girls has always treaded on–  a colorful gag series.  With this episode we are taking a backseat to all the action here and its these Bests holding the stones that steal this series!

Each arc has been completely unique from the last and its good to see the narrator taking involvement–  similar to how Space Dandy had been.  Giving a general layout of how these districts differ provides a solid introduction.

As for the gangs that show up here–  The Kamogawa Rockers provide a lot of flashy entertainment for the locals and that give a steady momentum for Nozomi, Ai, Yukina and Chiaya to interact with!  The other gang, Maikos, We Are, retains a lot of what this show is capturing as a whole through Nozomi’s desire to uphold peace just as Maccha Green established peace back home.  Maiko member Misa brings back the Hammers band that Nozomi and the other girls idolize.

Momiage Hammers,  I didn’t expect them to show up in this here and what better way to do this by doing an homage to Space Dandy!  Johnny resembles him so much and I’m glad that the creators use that intro scene to give off more of a feeling that he’s a womanizer.  The Moonlight stones connect everyone and Kuranosuke showing up here is a strong indication that there’s more to these stones than what’s been shown.  The question is how why is Haruka trying to get as many stones as possible and what will she do about her daughter Chiaya once she comes home from her journey?  Also how will they handle the evil Takumi?  This is a great buildup episode that sets the girls, Misa, Shuten and Kuranosuke in all the right places for an even better second narrative to this rock arc.

Also want to point out how good that fight between Maikos and Kamogawa Rockers is–  the girls are still useless in terms of physical resolutions but still provide the charming comedy that Rocking Girls represents well!


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