Aldnoah Zero Episode 16

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Slaine didn’t have much development in the first half of the series as its focus was more on Inaho.  However, this second half puts him into a new light–  he’s keeping Asseylum alive in secret with Eddelritto, he ended up getting his plans in motion to remove Saazbaum from the equation and actually achieved it.  Also, he’s been pissing off a lot of other Counts by being liked by Count Saazbaum.  Rising up in social status will put him into a strong position within the Empire and more importantly Lemrina.  I am curious as to how Asseylum will react after discovering just how far Slaine has taken things especially with all that happens here.

Things are going well for him but the balance that will topple this occurs in this very episode by one single Vers Count–  Mazuurek.  Rather than actually happening this episode uses a strong sense of foreshadow to get this point off extremely well!  Finally we’ve got a person within Vers keeping with a different set of ideals– the planet is a resource investment rather than a vengeful slaughter of Terrans.  I like where this is going–  if only he had a bit more backbone here.  He’s timid and it’s good to see Inaho with his new eye using influence over this fact.  Powerful fight between Terrans and a Vers Count that hold on to the same notions.  Mazuurek’s kataphrakt uses an artificial gravity to keep up his defense that correlates well to how he feels about this war–  he doesn’t want to kill people so he puts up a front to not only defend himself from death but others as well.  It’s his reluctance and his Kataphrakt’s ability that will change the outcome of things that are hidden from everyone but Slaine.

As for Slaine he’s too far gone considering what we see with his annihilation of Trident Base.  After being unable to protect Princess Asseylum and pending the destruction of the entire Vers Empire it just makes perfect sense as to why Inaho realizes he HAS to defeat him.  Solid conclusion to this!

It’s also nice we get to see Yuki again especially where she is reuniting with a more computer-like Inaho than ever before.  Really like the scene where she’s discussing Inaho with the Captain–  she regrets involving him and she drink while Marito can’t because of his own fears after losing his best friend.  Great contrast.


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