Aldnoah Zero Episode 19

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I’m sure you all have noticed the recent jump in updates:  I’m finally taking some time off work for a vacation and have a lot more time to write out my reviews.  Catching up on this series has always been a priority since it was one of the most anticipated anime series for me of the Winter 2015 Season alongside Durarara!! x2 Shou [another series I need to follow up on here too!].

This episode points out something so clear about both Slaine and Lemrina:  she’s going to be killed by him as he states that accidents do happen.  She’s disillusioned by what Slaine is achieving for the Princess in captivity or rather she doesn’t want to see it for what it is.  Their marriage announcement is the backbone this series needs for Asseylum to take action into her own hands.

As for Slaine I can see Lemrina’s death being the straw that breaks the camels back for him:  will someone witness him killing her under the guise of Princess Asseylum after the fact?  This will prove he’s underestimated Lemrina and ultimately return the strength factor back to Asseylum after she’s been in an isolated state for most of the second half of Aldnoah Zero.  Another point that reaffirms my idea about this happening is that Asseylum wakes up by the end of the previous episode.  This story here is a lot stronger than what we’ve had the previous weeks.

In a lot of ways Slaine is very much like Lemrina in terms of where they stand.  While Lemrina remains at the grace of others especially with how she’s playing into Slaine’s hands–  he’s stuck in a web of entrapment due to his own endeavors and inability to think clearly after he’s lost so much.  Lemrina acting as the queen card in his deck by deceiving the public as Asseylum proves that his downfall will be the real Princess and possibility Eddelrittuo’s involvement as well.  Death flag for her?

As Slaine is falling into the darkness he’s creating for himself here Inaho is the highlight of this episode because after his cybernetic eye dampens his feelings we actually see genuine concern over the Kataphrakt team effort with the arrival of another Landing Castle.  It’s good to see this change in Inaho–  the only question is how will he be able to outsmart his enemies now that they are joining together to attack in full force with entirely different abilities at their disposal?  It’s about damn time this second half handles the fights this way–  more practical.


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