Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 17

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Kousei has grown quite a bit–  he’s getting over his mother’s death, he’s found a stronger connection with Watari and now he’s teaching Nagi in order to play she needs to understand why she is playing.  He knows exactly who he’s playing for–  Kaori.  Her illness elevates the inevitable performance that is to come and I can’t wait for that.  This is an interesting episode because we are shown different facets of Kousei that was only caused by Kaori’s musical kindness and free-spirit.

The first half manages to pull in Nagi’s aspirations in reaching her brother Takeshi and it pulls off a tremendous gap between the inspiring musician he’s been and leaps to a boy in love with an ailing girl.  As dramatic as this show has carried itself previously, I really like how Kousei just breaks down and cries in front of Watari–  both being unable to figure out what to do.  The canoles once again play a big role here.  If I recall, Kaori’s parents are pastry chefs and for Kousei to bring canoles from just any shop and Kaori portrays this theme’s title very well–  “Your Lie in April”.  Looks to me like Kaori has feelings for Kousei that goes beyond soloist and accompaniest.

Reality is sinking in for Kousei just as it has been an underlying thread for Kaori–  just proves how similar these two are without their music as the focal point.  Hope to see more of Nagi in upcoming episodes because here is where we get a gradual growing-up feeling from her that’s not all vindictive towards Kousei.

Nagi leaves a strong impression on Kousei here–  he’s succeeded in paving a future for her that’s ultimately going to change her life forever; let’s not forget this stoic performance she’s about to deliver!


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