The Rolling Girls Episode 11

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Finally!  Each one of these stories are arriving at a single point!  It’s good that Nozomi and Ai face each other–  their resolution is good to see.  Ai’s determination to stop a fight between Momo and her real mother Ura Kukino–  it’s about time one of these girls uses a stone to get the peace-keeping message across.  It’s interesting this theme has been floating in the background since the Tokyo arc–  the girls have been wanting to keep peace and now where seeing it first hand by Ai actually using a stone!  Clever that the creators use her uselessness in a sense–  running towards their fight only to be blown back reminds me a lot of the first episode where Nozomi and the other Rests are flying in the sky.

Tightly animated fight with a few drops in quality and I think its great to see Haru step in–  she’s been taking care of Momo and resolves the conflict.  Family relationships with a fantastical element to them!

The second half establishes Shima as the villain–  the politics that have been countering each other within Hiroshima were vital in order to make this episode more grounded.  She climbs in a giant robot activated by a key hidden inside the license she steals–  I like this but I feel every one of these Bests from Hiroshima should have been introduced some time ago.  It’s a highly entertaining episode but is lackluster in the set up department of its side cast here.

Seeing Masami Utoku and Shigyou Kuniko [not to be confused with Kukino in this episode] brought a smile to my face here because now we’re finally seeing them in action.  However the are useless without their stones providing some hilarious results when they are facing off against Ishizukuro’s gang.  The roles have switched from Masami being the fighting peace-keeper to Nozomi an average girl wanting to avoid all the fighting while still keeping in line with her role model Maccha Green’s ideals.  I just have to wonder if Nozomi will end up using a stone or not and if she will inevitably inherit the Maccha Green title back in her hometown Tokorozawa.

I really hope this series is issued another season.  I miss the adventures these girls have been going on.  This episode rekindles a little bit of that with this episode–  the wildly rambunctious adventures these characters that have jumped into since the first half of Rolling Girls!

This show still has the potential to be fantastic:  hopefully it won’t run out of steam with all these stories pulling together so quickly!


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