Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 22

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With the aftermath of the attack inside the government building, Mayor Hirokawa dead as well as other countless humans and parasites–  Shinichi finds his resolve when he sleeps with Murano.  Here, the perspective has changed slightly–  instead of Shinichi facing these parasites out of protecting others on the scene he’s finishing what he started in the first place.  The investigator led Shinichi from the underground feeding area at the car park area to a path in eliminating Gotou’s group one by one.  Here it’s a lot more personal–  for both of them.   We’ve got an all out attack against Gotou and we see that Shinichi doesn’t want to waste much time keeping him alive.  He’s frantic and it’s wonderful to see Migi counteract his more emotional behavior now!

I like how there’s this parallel between this episode and the previous one–  Shinichi fears Gotou however this time Migi teaches him that he’s more than most humans.  This is the big idea I got out of this entire episode.  One single human takes Gotou on with everything he has including the ultimate sacrifice being Migi.  So we get to see the entire fight here and its drawn really well–  the animators didn’t have a drop in quality on this episode!  Mitsuyo’s introduction is a nice change of pace and brings Shinichi back to normalcy–  something he hasn’t had for quite some time.  His narrations were an indication of this greatly.

This is a lot better than the previous arc!  Really takes us back to how this series began in the first place!  They are terrifying beings that are trying to find there own way for survival any means necessary.  My favorite scene is where the villagers are questioning Shinichi because he’s a new arrival in town and people are getting killed in the woods.  Mitsuyo sees right through Shinichi and understands he has wounds that haven’t patched up–  Gotou is still out there and continues to kill giving all the motivation Shinichi needs in finishing what he started!

This is more like it and if I hadn’t read the manga I’m sure I would have enjoyed this episode tons more than I already had!


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