Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 24 [END]

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The conclusion to October’s acclaimed horror series is finally here!  If there is one thing that MADHOUSE has done right with the Winter 2015 season and the second half of Kiseijū its adaptating.  Writing every chapter to its fullest leaving little to nothing out of these episodes while enhancing a more modern setting and character design to bring in new fans.

Migi’s departure is both sad and blissful because Shinichi has matured a lot with him during their dreadful experiences with parasytes.  The dream sequence that we’ve seen finally comes to fruition bringing everything back full circle–  Migi’s constant hunger for knowledge regarding his own species as well as others doesn’t escape his mind.  Playing a larger motif about his bond towards Shinichi’s right hand rather than consuming his brain.  Even in the finale this is what separates Shinichi from him.  The manga even handles the entire scene well describing it as a long dream.

If I hadn’t read this I would have guessed that this series would end without any sort of turmoil for Shinichi to go through–  Uragami’s story isn’t open ended as we do get a solid face-off between him and Shinichi.  The creators don’t leave out the fact he’s murdered tons of people–  killing the couple on the roof is animated extremely and portrays his authenticity quite strongly!  Satomi plays off wonderfully to the supposed tension between parasite Shinichi and human murder Uragami.

With Migi gone all Shinichi can do is talk him out of it or use all the strength he has with everything his been through to save the woman he cares about.  It’s a simple situation over all the supernatural battles he’s had before.  Great transition from this genre to a realistic narrative with the lead at its core!  Uragami points out to Satomi that he’s not human and it’s great to see how Shinich and her are so closely connected after their struggles and romance from two episodes ago flares this up.  She understands that there has always been something different since he came back from his tragic family vacation.  Ultimately its Shinichi’s determination which we saw in his battle against Gotou with Migi inside of him that foreshadows this very scene with Uragami and proves he can overcome just about anything.

Episode director out visually depicting Migi saving Satomi is a nice touch–  Shinichi has lost so much that he doesn’t want to lose anyone else and points out an a slightly open-ended style that their companionship could return in the future.  Leaving it up to the viewers to decide.

Aya Hirano’s performance as Migi is quintessentially supernatural that establishes such an interesting method to a character within a character.  I’m going to miss this friendship in a series.


2 thoughts on “Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 24 [END]

  1. It was a good ending that wrapped things up neatly and capped a brilliant TV anime. Madhouse were right to stick to the manga and not cut or add anything major because the overall story is solid and gripping! Between this and Death Parade, Madhouse are back on top form and I’m looking forward to watching Ore no Monogatari!

    I was really sad to see Migi going away but when he came back at the crucial moment (no spoilers but what happened to Satomi was really terrifying and I almost had a heart attack!)… Man, I was overjoyed!

    Aya Hirano is brilliant as Migi. I don’t care for the voice in the live-action version at all. Aya is my favourite version of Migi.

    1. I agree completely about Migi. Absolutely perfect. Madhouse is really churning out some fantastic series as of late and they’ve got a good repertoire of works for this year: one punch man, ore monogatari and overlord. Can’t wait to see what else they do.

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