Death Parade Episode 6

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This was fantastic!  Shifting the focus away from Decim and Onna we finally get to see how Ginti handles these Death Games.  His introduction is a bit lackluster in the previous episode this would have been even more amazing if the creators decided to jump a comedic death game without any understanding of his character at all.  Nonetheless this is a wild episode that focuses on love and the admiration a fan has for her idol and what she’s willing to give up: staying true to herself.

Once again MADHOUSE hasn’t let go of the production values of this series–  we’ve got some frighteningly disgusting drawings of Mayu as she plays this game of twister with singer Harada.  Her super fandom for his band C.H.A. is hilarious!  Cross Heart Attack a great acronym for what this episode explores about crossing paths in life, literally speaking crossing body parts and the experiences they feel through the different colors with how they both died.

Womanizer Harada dies in an explosion set up by the sister of a fan of his she dated and broke her heart.  Harada experienced fame in his life and ultimately its luck that took his life and everything he cherished away from him.  It’s great to see their pasts are what reflects who falls in the pit when the twister game ends.  Once again Death Parade dives into interpersonal relationship territory:  where life and death are the trigger devices in opening up a person’s true nature.

As for Mayu, her death is simple–  falling on a bar of soaping in the shower.  Her tenacious and naive behavior enhances those flashbacks incredibly well.  The amped-up jazz score and fan service moments with Mayu quickly dissolves any indication this is the same show about people playing games over the decision of their afterlife one bit.  Fantastic work!  The ending is quite comical and I’m sure we will see more of Mayu again since she’s prevalent in the opening sequence.


1 thought on “Death Parade Episode 6

  1. Mayu is so adorable. This was a much needed shot of fun for the series but it isn’t throwaway, it help sets up an even bigger story and adds context. I won’t spoil it too much but we do see these characters again…

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