Ninja Slayer From Animation Episode 3

vlcsnap-2015-05-02-01h17m03s174 vlcsnap-2015-05-02-01h10m26s35 vlcsnap-2015-05-02-01h13m24s8 vlcsnap-2015-05-02-01h14m05s152

This is by far the best episode yet and it doesn’t even feature Kenji!  This is more in line with Studio TRIGGER’s other works in that it centralizes its vengeful characters with strong women.  There are some strong Kill Bill vibes from this one here.

Yamoto witnessing another classmate getting attacked swoops in to save the day–  she’s possessed by a Ninja soul just like Kenji.  As different as this story had been it doesn’t forget the bloodshed.  I’m sensing that we will be getting a few arcs that focus on the team Kenji is going put together in exacting his revenge.  With a less comedic structure, frantic style this episode looks to contain a stronger coherent plot about Yamoto finding a place to be a part of as the world around her is falling into madness.  She’s like a twisted version of Anri Sonohara from Durarara!!.

It’s interesting because at first glance I felt like this could have acted as a prequel before Kenji’s mayhem began–  the animation is well maintained but I know that’s not the case here.  Suicide is a good addition to bring in as a villain because he’s filled with doubt.  Really like the scene at the very end finding out that he has to kill his classmate Yamato is unsettling simply because she has a Ninja Soul.

ED 3: “Gekijou Shihainin no Theme (劇場支配人のテーマ)” by The Pinballs

vlcsnap-2015-05-02-01h14m44s70 vlcsnap-2015-05-02-01h14m51s127

An indie garage Japanese rock band that started out in 2011 that recently brought out their first full album in late 2014.  Their vocalist reminds me of Kelun’s singer Ryousuke Kojima but with a lower range and edgier sound.

This is an awesome song!  The wide range of chord progressions with the guitar really speaks about how corrupted a girl can evolve into by a supernatural entity like the Ninja Soul!  It has this sense of temptation to it.

Ultimately the sound stems from the fact that Yamoto’s inner self is being re-awakened by a demon.



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