Garo -Honō no Kokuin Episode 22

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A feature-length animated film has been announced for the Garo series and I wonder if it will be a compilation of this series or an alternate take on the universe.  This has been an exceptional series with episodes in-between that lack substance however this episode kicks it back right on track!  Really enjoying what MONACA has been doing with the soundtrack!

I like this episode quite a bit.  Mendoza is trying to harness the power of Anima–  a collection of human souls all unified at single point to create a Horror based on the witch hunts we saw from the beginning of this series!  Fantastic!  He’s been setting his plans up all this time, German working alongside him didn’t even know this and I like how it’s this balance that gives Mendoza the upper hand.  Even to where Ema, Leon and Alfonso get trapped inside an alternate dimension of a futuristic city.  I really like how vastly different the world they are in is compared to the melancholic background designs of Valiante!

The CG might have looked distinctly out-of-place during German’s fight with the demon soldiers and there were some distorted facial expressions this episode nonetheless the plot is finally moving at a pace [unlike last episode] without layering too much on it!  It’s a basic perspective of Mendoza wanting to regain the power he had been originally corrupt to attain in the very beginning and now his dreams are becoming a reality.

Octavia’s loyalty displays this spot-on–  she’s foolish, prideful and until now was unable to understand the anguish of a Horror.  She’s become the sacrificial piece to Mendoza’s plans that usually would have been thrown together last minute however without Episode 20 this would not have been as powerful.  I also thought it showed greatly how lost she is leaving a close-to-dead German alive in order to challenge Garo Knight Leon.


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