Ninja Slayer From Animation Episode 4

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I absolutely love this show.  It’s weird and really points out that you don’t need strong animation to tell a story well. While the last episode and this one certainly have a Trigger style that we’re used to you can tell by the action scenes its more in line with the previous episodes and Inferno Cop.  Speaking of Inferno Cop I can see why that series was so short in that it was to experiment on NicoNico for Ninja Slayer—  as this will be 26 episodes total!

The dialogue is outlandish–  networks wouldn’t even be able to air this on television and Ninja Slayer benefits extremely well for being an ONA on NicoNico streaming service website.  The names in this are well-thought out–  Sonic Boom of the Six Soukai Gates and the student’s code name Suicide.  I like this cross between comic book style American characters with traditional japanese names like Yamoto Koki.

So the stories about Ninja Slayer and this girl ninja Yamato are finally converging and its fantastic here!  Yamoto at first develops a resolve in saving her classmates and I like how she leaves her friends for good in order to follow in the footsteps of Ninja Slayer.  Yamoto Koki is a the japanese perspective of a female ninja kunoichi and Ninja Slayer represents this cheesy revenge-filled view of the Americanized Ninja.  The side-scrolling action is very retro and really different to see!  Wild soundtrack by Kenji Fujisawa and Shinichi Osawa.

These endings rock!


ED 4:  “SRKEEN” by 8otto

Really groovy song by indie rock group that formed in 1999 with four band members. This style is really post-punk with a fusion of grunge guitar riffs and a solid drum beat.  I like this song a lot! The melody reminds me a lot of vocalist Alex Kapranos of the band Franz Ferdinand and the instrumentals are like the band Interpol but a lot more edgier.



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