Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 5

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Ono Yuuki has one of those voices that are very distinct.  I can tell him apart just like I can with Takahiro Sakurai and Izaya’s CV Kamiya Hiroshi.  Yuuki portrays x2Shou’s newest cast member Rokujou Chikage.  A womanizer and a man with a grudge against the Dollars.  Chikage has an aura about him that is similar to Shizuo.  He protects others mostly women and is quite strong.  He will be a good addition to Durarara!!‘s set of antagonists.  I wonder how he would react when he sees that a high-schooler is in charge of the Dollars.

The Izaya sisters weren’t shown very much here but still provide a good piece of comedy in the rather long chat room scene.  With all the action last episode this was a solid build-up intertwining new and older characters with different stories crossing over each other.

This episode focuses mainly on Shizuo and Chikage and their confrontation is fantastic!  Chikage certainly got what was coming to him and it’s great to see how this provides the momentum into the next arc with the Yakuza searching for the little girl that stuns Shizuo and Masaomi’s presence foreshadowing that something or someone is up to no good again.  Chikage may have lost a battle one on one but his speech with the Saitama gang is just what this next arc for x2Shou needed in giving it more of an edge!  I think his rally by the end of this episode wouldn’t have been as strong if it were not for his encounter with Shizuo.

However, my favorite part in this is the young woman on the bike that lops off Celty’s helmet.  Such fluid animation!


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