Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 9

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Taking off from last episode this one uses the build-up to distinguish one large fact about Durarara!! as a whole:  it’s a show that uses teen to young adult melodrama and juvenile pranks to keep the story moving forward.

The Blue Squares and the Yellow Scarves stunts back in season 1 got the attention of the police quite often:  with the Saitama group involving themselves in this second season with a heated argument with Celty’s group protecting Mikiya Awakusu’s daughter Akane this episode took a more serious leap in terms of involving a dangerous yakuza-like group Awakusu.  Shifting the attention away from kids to adults.  I believe what emphasizes this immensely is Shizuo’s strength.

One of Awakusu’s members trying to explain to their boss–  he’s not a man to be taken lightly.  Especially where Shizuo is confronted by Mikiya’s men in order to find the location of his daughter.  He doesn’t beat them up he avoids any unnecessary conflict but when he has to he’ll pick up a street light or a car and uses them as weapons.  Sound ridiculous right?  Well that’s the charm about this show it doesn’t shy away from the silly supernatural traits these characters inherently have and what we as viewers come to associate them with.  In other words, Durarara!! doesn’t try to be too realistic in its moments of situational development it layers on different elements in order to stay fresh in context being as wild with the narrative as can be.  Really.  It’s a shame Rie Matsumoto couldn’t direct this.

As for Ryuugamine, he’s put in a pickle with the Saitama gang showing up giving more leverage Aoba can use and what does he do?  Quickly yells out Big Boss towards Ryuugamine and even goes to threatening Anri–  I like this point in the episode because Celty saves him from a constant reoccurring problem that’s been nagging at him.  How should he handle being the leader of the Dollars?  Now this is where I can see how the multiple seasons can work extremely well:  and split-cour for that matter.

Sloan and Varona’s confusion about their targets coincidentally meeting up (Celty and Anri) will add a lot more action for future episodes!  I didn’t notice this the first time watching but it was in fact Izaya that sent the warning message to Ryuugamine disguised as Masaomi.   Izaya and Aoba are a lot alike and Celty sees that which puts a lot more emphasis on Izaya’s desire to cause chaos in the city out of boredom whereas Aoba wants to see the destruction because he isn’t too fond of humanity.

I really like all the easter eggs in this show!  From Mahouka to Aldnoah.Zero!  Will we ever get to see Baccano!‘s Isaac and Miria again?


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