Space Dandy marathon screening 


I haven’t been posting on here very much this summer and it’s simply because I’ve been hard at work with Funimation and Screenland Crossroads theaters at a Marathon screening of anime. Most particularly Space Dandy–the best series to air in 2014! Everything on both sides are a “go-ahead”. Not to mention school activities and my job. 

There are only 40 seats available but I would like to give a shout out to all my readers about this. It’s a free screening with prizes ranging from the official soundtracks to the series as well as the first half on DVD/bluray in two exclusive sets–the Funimation Boobies Experience and the Aloha Oe Edition that Amazon offers. 

With that in mind my anime club is small and am looking for more members to join–working with Funimation among some other licensors in obtaining rights on screenings for the following series/films in the months ahead:

  • Mushishi season 1
  • Shiki
  • Tokyo Godfathers 
  • Michiko e hatchin
  • Ergo proxy
  • Psycho-Pass season 1

With school along the horizon for me I’m heading towards yet again another very busy schedule with less and less time for reviews. I’d like to extend an invitation for anyone that is interested in becoming a writer for my blog, please contact me.

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