Space Dandy Marathon [Theatrical Edition]

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it’s been about six months since I started this project. I’ve always wanted to see a full-fledge anime series on the big screen and this was my chance.  Everything went smoothly–Funimation was fantastic to work with and the theatre I worked with really pulled out all the stops in making this a reality.

Two-night run with the first thirteen episodes on Friday and the second set on Saturday–ten hours of Space Dandy was pure bliss not just for me but the other attendees as well. The majority did comprise of my anime club, so quite a few of them have already seen it but what makes it more appealing is the larger screen experience, it being a dine-in theatre and the prizes I pulled together months prior.  Here’s a few of the Space Dandy swag people received!

IMG_2648 IMG_3422

On top of that, attendees that arrived for the first half received a package of ramen noodles and a booklet with re-written reviews of each Space Dandy episode!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.01.14 PM

Hosting was something entirely new for me, getting prizes prepared how they would be handed out with a raffle and controlling the media room was exhilarating!  The Bluray editions looked phenomal on the huge screen especially episodes 1, 13 and 21!  I even purchased the Space Dandy jacket and cosplayed as the pompadour space hunter!  English dub with subtitles for added in for the alien dialogue sequences.  With such a small success with attendees, venue and licensing I would certainly do this again.

What do you all want to see on the big screen?


Someone pitched the idea on one of the nights that I should do 4 or 5 episodes of a Halloween-themed anime.

1 thought on “Space Dandy Marathon [Theatrical Edition]

  1. Really a great event! Thanks for hosting–marathoning this series was really fun. You made the event more special by providing such great prizes and giveaways. Your zine was well put together! Hoping you do many more!!

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