GANGSTA Episode 6

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Director of this episode, Shinpei Nagai might have landed his best work out of his entire career.  Having worked on a huge list of ecchi romance works including the infamous episode 18 of Psycho-Pass he’s sort of a mixed bag in the industry.  If any recall the Psycho-Pass series director [Naoyoshi Shiotani] apologized on his twitter about the animation being poorly done.  A lot of issues with the animation being outsourced, and with Nagai in charge of that department I’m sure some of the heat landed on him.  Anyway, Nagai shouldn’t be a full-fledged director–Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is proof of that.  Nor should he even be key animating shows–Psycho-Pass‘ episode 18 was awful.  One of his highlights, however, that was messy and paid off nicely was Michiko e Hatchin‘s episode 19.  It featured a train sequence that had very gritty and messed up animation that for some reason flowed together nicely with the large amounts of movement and intriguing camera angles it contained.  Reminds me of the work Eunyoung Choi does for Masaaki Yuasa.  Nagai’s directing on single episodes are good–Samurai Flamenco‘s premiere was very strong.

I’ve neglected to mention who worked on the opening in my previous posts.  The opening sequence is directed by Pyeon-Gang Ho.  Episode director of episode 7’s Zankyou no Terror and at least two episodes that I know of from Baby Steps.  One of the best openings of the season!

Nicholas and Worwick’s pasts bears a lot on their current situation as Twilight and holder.  As it was revealed previously we learn that there are Normals that maintain control over their Twilight slaves.  The Arcangelo parents death that has been quickly shown in flashbacks pays a heavy weight on Worwick and his relationship with Nicholas.  It’s interesting how he wants to forget he even owns Nicholas.  His phrase where he says “you’ll stick with me partner” alludes to this.

The vocal piece that is played during  the middle of this episode was fantastic.  It draws in the reality Worwick saw as a child and the abuse he experienced from his father.  Their relationship also pays a heavy price on the mysterious Veronica they took care.  I have to wonder how far this 1-cour show will go in developing that.  With all the action from previous episodes it is nice to have a breather episode with Nicholas recovering from the downers Paulina shot at him.

As for Alex’s disappearance in the ending of the last episode this episode provides the backbone to Worwick becoming Alex’s saving grace.  Along with Nicholas, he’s one of her guardian angels that’s pulled her out of the hell Barry put her through.  That kiss and her attempt at giving in to old desires emphasize’s Theo’s analysis of a woman caught up in a submissive lifestyle and how she can overcome it with even the smallest bits of kindness.  A roof under her head, some medical treatment and people to converse with.

That piano piece at the end was incredible and illustrates, musically, the idea that there is some kind of hope in this rotten city.


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