Episode 3 Production Details

Episode Director: Yousuke Hatta ( 2nd Key Animator on STAR DRIVER episodes 4, 11 and 21 / Episode Director on Death Parade episodes 2 and 8 / 2nd Key Animator on ice skating sequence Death Parade episode 11)


  • Natsume Shingo ( 2nd Key Animator on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann episode 1 / Series Director on Space Dandy under the general direction of Shinichiro Watanabe / Director and Storyboard on Space Dandy Opening Sequence)
  • Yousuke Hatta

Script: Tomohiro Suzuki ( Script Writer on ONE-PUNCH MAN series / Script Writer on Lupin the Third 2015 Series episodes 2, 4, 8, 14 and 19)

ONE-PUNCH MAN is a good example of a memorable series.  The first episode had me laughing because of how simplistic Saitama’s training had been and the monsters that confront him.  The second episode introduced to us the sidekick Genos and established a bond between wannabe superheroes.  A series that is crazy fun and over-the top from its generic story and breathtaking visuals.  Style over substance sometimes this work and other times not so much.  I think, this show does a good job of poking fun of popular shonen series like BLEACH with its drawn out fight scenes lasting more than one or two episodes.  There isn’t much of a deep story behind Saitama’s abilities and how he defeats his enemies.    Saitama kills monsters of the week and this formula has been beaten to death in action anime for years but ONE-PUNCH MAN doesn’t deter from the fact that its comfortable in its own skin and knocking off potential carried-over episode villains with a predictable end of the episode punch.

Saitama sure puts up a fight this episode but in the end its Saitama that saves the day.  I wonder if this is foreshadowing that Saitama might lose at some point.  Hopefully so, because while this formula works visually and for laughs; every episode up to this point has been similar in narrative–monster(s) appear and Saitama defeats them with one punch.  As fun as these episodes are there should be someone that could hold their own against his power.

I really like how the design (more with the color contrasts) of Carnage Kabuto aims a jab at Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s EVA-01!  Doctor Genius was originally presented as a background villain in he would potentially show up week after week but this episode knocks this off course with the clones trope and his creation, Carnage Kabuto is defeated with Saitama’s punch!  Not to mention how Saitama’s backstory is cliche and ridiculous that it surprises both Genos and Doctor Genius!  Love the aftermath in this episode!  It’s so creative and the Genos’ fight scene is drawn out that the post credits sequence adds more mystery than ever before about how Genos was created!

We’ve also got some amazing animators on this episode!

  • Toshi Sada – technique is “Yutapon cubes” ; debris.


  • Sato Toshiyuki – technique is “fire effects” ; creates fluid single line drawings of flames using contrasts of red.





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