Boku Dake ga Inai Machi [ERASED] Episode 9

Episode 9 Production Details

Episode Director: Tomohiko Ito ( Assistant Director on Summer Wars film / Storyboard on Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Opening Sequence / Storyboard on Noragami Aragoto episode 8 / Episode Director and Storyboard on Michiko e Hatchin episodes 4 and 12 / Storyboard alongside Yasuji on Michiko e Hatchin episode 19)

Storyboards: Tomohiko Ito

Script: Taku Kishimoto ( Series Script Writer on  Gin no Saji / Series Script Writer on Haikyuu!!)

Just as the title of this episode suggests this closes Kayo’s arc and just in time because we finally get to see what’s coming to Kayo’s mother.  She’s an abusive parent whose abusive because she is.  Someone like this is unaware that their actions are wrong and I’m glad the show’s creators didn’t make her into a difficult person to understand.  She’s far away from being sympathetic as she doesn’t even understand the kindness she’s being shown from Satoru and Sachiko in earlier episodes.  This show delivers in strides—the mystery game that Satoru and his friends are playing is very much in line with Satoru’s reality.  That there is an actual killer out there.

Boku Machi’s efforts shine when the human drama that has been wonderfully woven together puts on multiple facades from the aesthetic mystery and supernatural time travel elements to deliver a simple story.  Kayo’s mother is abusive because she couldn’t handle being a single parent and that Kayo is a reminder of her abusive relationship with her husband.  It’s great that their is another side to this—Sachiko.  They at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to parenting.  We see that when Sachiko stands in front of her son as Kayo’s mother grabs a shovel and swings it at her head!  This is an apathetic ending for Kayo’s mother seeing her own mom distraught at the sight of how her daughter has turned out to be a parent.

After episode 7 this series is trying everything it can in removing suspicions from the teacher being the killer and it makes us question his motives.  It’s a smart gamble to make him questionable that he is coming off as a red herring.  The biggest part of this is how he’s revealed to have tons of candy stashed in his car not to mention the obvious quick cuts between his initial impression on his eyes that Satoru has discovered his secret stash, the finger tapping on the steering wheel and covering the top portion of his face.

While this series killer is still on the loose, providing a few clues along the way, visually, this episode firmly establishes that this show will be focusing on the thriller narrative of Boku Machi for the rest.  Keeping that in mind where this series true commitment lies is in the bond between Kayo and Satoru—it’s been a strong realistic emotional core of the show that makes me question whether or not that the story can stand on its own without it.  I say this because it looks like the Aya Nakanishi arc will get rushed.  Curious how the creators decide to adapt the rest of the manga in just three episodes.

Want to point out how incredible Akemi Okamura is.  She’s so versatile!  I can see that she was a good fit for Kayo’s abusive mother–Akemi Hinazuki.   She can be cool-headed but at times terrifyingly ferocious!  Reminds me of the antics she delivered with her role of Mayaya from Kuragehime!


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