Arslan Senki Episode 14

Episode 14 Production Details

Episode Director: Koji Aritomi [Assistant Director on Princess Mononoke / Episode Director for Kill la Kill’s episode 8 / Assistant Animation Director on Patlabor WXIII]

Storyboards: Takashi Yamazaki [storyboard writer for Shokugeki no Soma‘s episode 6 / key animator for Yu Yu Hakusho‘s episode 79]

Script: Makoto Uezu ( Script on D-Frag! episodes 1, 3, 4, 8 and 12 / Series Composition on Akame ga Kill! / Script on Arslan Senki episodes 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 13, 17, 24 and 25)

The animation took a drop in quality this time around. Lots of CG Animation.  And if I’ve mentioned before the CG is awkward in Arslan Senki.  It doesn’t fit and in the first few episodes had used the same character models for its Persian soldiers. When this aired the previous week took a break–giving us a recap episode of the story so far.

This new episode features a new dynamic with the addition of a new opening and ending sequence. Previously we learned that Sindhuran Prince Rajendra is an opportunist. In order to put himself in a good position as a general and eventual claim to the throne of the country he takes advantage of the chaos within Pars.  He’s fearless and bold, however, this episode quickly points to the notion that he’s a bit of a fool.  Going after Arslan and not noticing Narsus’ suspicions makes light of this.  It also foreshadows the ending of this episode as well.  Not to mention his own general seeing this mistake will be a downfall for Rajendra.

Cleverly, it isn’t until now that we see Arslan viewed as a symbol of the rebirth of Pars instead of a military commander. I really like how Narsus spins the 10,000 Peshawar army to Arslan’s advantage. Splitting their forces, creating a ploy using Gadevi’s men by using the terrain to create a pincer attack around the enemy. Ultimately trapping Rajendra in a situation that forces the two in an alliance and by the end seals the deal using alcohol and blackmail.

The introduction of Gadvei’s spy here also proves Narsus talents as a strategic advisor as he even sees this alliance opportunity with Rajendra too enticing to pass up.

OP: “Uzu to Uzu” (渦と渦) by NICO Touches the Walls


Directed by: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Storyboards: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Such a better song to use!  I like how subtle the movements are in the animation until it builds up into the chorus and action sequences!  Mitsumura Tamura’s voice has an amazing range! Overall it does a great job in depoicting the large cast this anime has shown us so far!

ED: “One Light” by Kalafina


Directed by: Naomi Nakayama

Storyboards: Naomi Nakayama

Not as good as the first ending but still pretty decent.  It’s emotionally inviting using Kalafina’s popular orchestra mixed with a slight edgy rock sound.  Only issue though is that it sounds like your generic Kalafina song.  It has a similar visual feel to it (Nakayama directed the first ending too!) that the cast is progressing on a grand adventure to reclaim the country.

Animator Spotlight:

Satoshi Kimura

[Previous Works Include)

  • Terra Formars character designer


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