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Barakamon Episode 3

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Decent episode. That face that Naru had at the beginning was frightening! I am still really impressed with how Kinema Citrus did the character designs on this show, however this episode had a lot less moving animation and exceeding amount of still shots. Especially Tamako’s manga scenes. Really funny stuff right there. Following a different formula than the previous episodes it was nice to see the plot switch between Tamako’s lifestyle to the mochi picking event. Do have to wonder why the creators did not use the opportunity at the event here to pull in more village scenes. Everything looked so bland. The first episode did a great job with that and the 2nd spread out the background scenes a little bit more- yet here all the scenes in Seishu’s place, Tamako’s house, the grocery store all felt the same. The animation definitely was not as detailed as the previous episodes. There was only one scene that looked great and it was a long horizontal shot of the group walking back home at the end of the episode. The amount of detail in those crops! Why couldn’t the whole episode look like this?


Barakamon Episode 2

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Masaki Tachibana has only directed two series prior to this show.  .Hack/Quantum which ended up being an averagely decent adventure series based on MMO video games.  Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 had been a fascinating view into the slice-of-life genre- one that took a real setting included a what-if scenario and placed every person in the show with an identity.  I realize having seen both of those series how much this director has grown with skill.  This could’ve have easily been a suitable series to air on Noitamina just as how Magnitude 8.0 was.  The amount of maturity here.     The comedy was just as good if not better than the first episode.  It’s refreshing to see how much Naru is influenced by others. To behave and talk in the manner that she did in this episode just goes to show the authenticity of her youth.  The introductions of both Miwa and Tawa were cleverly developed here.  Cause trouble Seishuu by reminiscing of the past.

Pretty neat the amount of talent hidden in that darkened room- and even more intriguing how it left such an impact on Hiroshi.  Seeing as how at the start he wasn’t too fond of the guy free-loading meals from his family just about every day.  One worry I do have is when will we learn about the process behind calligraphy instead of using it as backstory for Seishuu?    The dialogue and the animation came together so smoothly in that pass-out scene with Hiroshi.  I want to point out a show like Space Dandy is wacky, wild, wierd and sometimes uncalled for in its sexual references. Barakamon is understated in the way it handles this element. It hits you in the face without a moments notice-and so quickly with the dialogue too! The S&M scenes, the nurse throughout the episode vying for Seishuu was hilarious. She wasn’t coming off too strong yet with Seishuu’s no interest attitude got her really pissed off! Haha! I have not seen a bit of fan service in this series at all and with moments like these its wonderful. Seeing a series handle situations in such a delicate way is highly engaging.


Barakamon Episode 1

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STORY: Seishu Hawada is a calligrapher who moves to the Goto Islands West of Kyushu. The story follows his interactions with the people that live there and his journey to become a better calligrapher than he ever had been before.T. This was so good! A bit about the production team behind this show before I dive into the first episode.

What was this?! The voice acting was done so well. Which makes me wonder if the production team recorded the voices before animating like how Natsuyuki Rendezvous was. This was so good! A bit about the people involved in this show before I dive into the first episode.

Kenji Kawai is finally back! This guy has done so much in terms of music that dates back from 1985! Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, Starship Operators those were just some classics he composed for. Some of his best works that I personally enjoyed were from Serei no Moribito, Higashi no Eden, oh and can’t forget about Fate/Stay Night and Fujin Monogatari. Great series right there. He really pulls a lot with the piano, and does a ton of calm background melodies that can add so much to a story.

The director Masaki Tachibana is extremely promising for a slice-of-life and comedy series here. He’s directed all across the board when it comes to churning out TV animations. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 was a deep story about finding personal connections through tragedy and the overall struggle of survival. More so he drafted up Giovanni’s Island. I haven’t had a chance to check out this film yet, but cannot wait to see this when it arrives on Blu-ray in August. I’ve heard incredible reviews on this film.

Everything felt so right when I saw this first episode of Barakamon. The animation! Oh Kinema Citrus where was your budget from this earlier this year with Black Bullet? Not to mention previous seasons like Code Breaker. Those were some horribly animated shows as they went on. I will hand it to you Tokyo Magnitude was animated extremely well for when it had aired, but this episode! WOW! Move over PA Works you’ve got some competition this season. This had to have been the most fluid style we’ve had yet this season! Wow! Naru’s movements especially when she was swimming towards the end there were animated so well! The camera angles many a times were defining! The scene where Hawada punched the director was amazing! The face there reminded me of the comedic expressions from Higashi no Eden. Even down to the character designs were such a delight to see! So refreshing! I was afraid this was going to be way too annoying, but Naru seems to have a strong head on her shoulders! As Hawada said it best childhood is terrifying! Haha this was a fantastic first episode that portrayed Hawada’s introverted personality only for him to grow curiously out of his shell by the end of the episode!


OP: Awesome! I couldn’t have asked for a better song to be played for this! Definitely will be checking out more of what the band Super Beaver has to offer! Animation flowed really well here too!

ED: Best ED of the season so far, that is if Zankyou no Terror doesn’t one up it. Very catchy and the animation reminded me so much of Ping Pong The Animation’s ED. Hmmm…Noisycell now that’s another gem of a band I’ve never heard of! Great work here!

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