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Captain Earth Episode 16

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Puck looks like he will be the final villain of this series- at least that is what I got out of this episode.  The fact of the matter is that it is strongly indicated here as he’s been able to trick even Amara and Moco with Kube’s strange behavior.  So the Planetary Gears don’t know he’s taken over his body- interesting development.  Now that the goal for them since the beginning is to expand their lifespan by transferring libidos into other humans it’s ironic actually Puck achieved this in a different manner.  Even more so- that there is a strong collation between the Planetary Gears libidos and Puck/Kube’s interest in Hitomi.  Really like how they developed that there.  However I do find it strange that Amara hasn’t caught onto this.

We haven’t had an episode that was well-rounded for awhile quite like this one.  So the Planetary Gears were reflecting on their previous lives and if all was worth it as were the Midsummer’s Knights.  Good to see a correlation in the two factions- one that could possibly end up having an alliance against Puck?  I wonder if it will follow this kind of mold in the future episodes.

So Hana in the end gets to pilot a new robot the Flare Engine.  This is a big reason why I like this series and how it differs from STAR DRIVER.  Nishikubo, Teppei and it seems Akari already knew about the Flare and Hana’s piloting abilities.  When Teppei acknowledge to Daichi that Hana had a higher score than him this showed how much depth the entire cast has, and how much they’ve grown in this show.  It’s about time someone in GLOBE’s department theorizes Hana’s precognition might just be her own singularity and not Pitz.  This was a very entertaining episode!  Refeshing to notice how much this show knows when its able to distinguish from being a repetitive episode or advance into something new.  The fight in space was with someone other than Moco and Amara like we’ve seen  Did I even mention before how much I like the animation that goes with the Supercell song in the ending?  It’s full of wonderful imagery that depicts the overall theme of the series- responsibility.


Captain Earth Episode 15

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I am at last caught up with the airing of this series. I think the one show I’m most behind on is M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane. Oh and Kill La Kill. Hopefully will have some updates on that soon.

This was the best episode of Captain Earth to date! The writers here just upped the ante! Fantastic episode! Hana went missing after using Blume. Which is no surprise here. Considering how this story is about teenage angst yet why is it that everyone knows about the ability yet we’ve only been introduced to it in the last two episodes? That’s a problem I hope can get rectified soon. Just felt strange. However, this episode contained so much information in 24 minutes! Hana is reunited with Setsuna again, and this was neat how there was a parallel between both of these girls and the squirrel creatures. I’d imagine Setsuna has a Blume ability as well and that’s how Amara and Moco know of it. That would make sense for them. Hope that gets explained later on. Come to think of it would be great to see an ova prequel story told about the origin of the Planetary Gears. Since episode 10, I can see this show has such potential to setup a great backstory to tell.

Great to see more of the outside life of people in this series. Being in the city where Hana and Setsuna were running from the Planetary Gears was great background. Finally something different again from what we’ve had and this show continues to impress me in that regard. Originally, I thought Setsuna would have awoken much sooner than this episode. What ever happened to that mysterious Robin character that was introduced in the plot earlier on? Hope this show can tie up its loose ends with all this information thrown at us here. Puck is awesome. So he was the one whom we learned two episodes ago that pulled the satellite into Tanegashima. I knew from the moment I saw this machine he’d have some correlation to the Planetary Gears motive of possessing human bodies. Ha, Kube had it coming. Hitomi finally receives the affection she’s been wanting since Episode 2. Cannot wait to see how the new Kube changes the story here! I still wonder if Robin is either Daichi’s uncle. We’ve only seen him a few times but if this show’s emphasis on minor characters has any indication I would not be surprise if its him or Daichi’s father isn’t really dead. Transferred into another body somehow? That would lead to some interesting changes in the show.

This was a solid, strong, ground-breaking episode that I hope continues on as this show progresses its second half. Not to mention the surprising development from Hana at the end of the episode here! That was awesome! Really enjoying this show a lot!


Captain Earth Episode 14

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It is about time we get an episode about Hana. Daichi had a lot more screen time than he has had previously and this was a good thing here. We’ve been focused so much on the Planetary Gears it was a matter of time this show shifted it’s plot back to the main characters of this series. Hana reveals her love for Daichi, we learn of her ultimate weapon which I hasn’t expected it to have a grand effect like it did here. No song was used in the scene with Hana I was surprised by this.

This show keeps on getting more interesting as it pulls together themes that this series originally introduced. Kids with special abilities all the while growing up. Star Driver excelled at depicting school life and the transition period between like to love, friendships and saving the world. Here however, we’ve got something unique with so many different aspects of the plot coming together. The beach portion at the beginning of the episode illustrated how the casts live their lives outside of the fantasy mecha side of this show. Nice to see this change within the episode into learning new things about the main cast.

When I heard that NICO Touches the Walls were going to be doing the new opening for the second half of this series I was ecstatic. The band did a tremendous job on Hologram the 2nd opening to Brothehood. After seeing it I am very disappointed. It doesn’t have the energy that Flumpool had with Believer’s High. Not a memorable song like that one. The animation did not have the right timing with this song either. The animation in the first opening was immensely better than this. Hope this isn’t a sign that the budget is running out. The ending was awesome its SUPERCELL one of my favorite Japanese bands. Different than what they done before and the animation was reminiscent of Star Drivers second ending.


Captain Earth Episode 13

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This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I loved Star Driver and how much that show reminded me of Revolutionary Girl Utena. School kids with special abilities that pilot giant mechs. Adults who watch over the kids have a past quite similar to the present plot line. Music is power. I know it sounds overused and generic but I find this series really entertaining. We’ve had some formulaic episodes in the past with this show, but one thing has remained strong. The idea that the Planetary Gears want to consume Earth somehow. Not destroy it. We have yet to learn more about Daichi’s father even Daichi himself! So he became a captain, and Teppei now has a mech. We don’t know much about Hana yet either other than the fact she had hidden powers with Pitz. This episode continued from last time with Baku’s story.

Like i’ve mentioned this before a great aspect of this series is its side characters. Baku is powerful and strong but when it comes to emotions its his feelings that he represses. This guy had tons of development last episode and now this one. Here was where we finally got to see him be pushed over the edge. Never would I have imagined all those people that were still alive would disappear after his singularity would lose effect! Unlike the previous introductory Planetary Gear episodes this one’s timeline of what happened was very different. I would have thought for sure Bugbear wouldn’t be awakened until much later but here you can notice the Planetary Gears maintain their previous emotions and selves after they’ve awakened. Interesting. Part of the plot I hadn’t noticed before until now. Do I have to wonder what’s up with Puck? Haven’t seen much of him lately.


Captain Earth Episode 12

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This was a very dark and dismal episode. The Yakuza are selling kids off to the highest bidder. Their treatment was pretty horrible as well. I felt so bad for the newly introduced Baku. He endured so much as a child to be put in a prison and sold off. Different for a designer child to be introduced this way! Great work in breaking the formula.

Baku is powerful person in this episode, he was saved by the daughter of the boss who is selling children. Kumiko saved him because I get the feeling she has fallen in love with him. Neat development here if that is the case. Her fiancee is the same man who got busted up by Amara and Moco 2 episodes ago! This series really is all about the minor characters! Even more intriguing! Baku even evaded Moco’s awakening kiss ability! So many surprises this episode! I am glad I didn’t completely rule out the idea of immortality being important in this series. Looks like I was right considering what happened with the casino guy/Kumiko’s fiancee. Looks like we will be seeing more of Baku next episode.


Captain Earth Episode 11

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Remember how I said I was tired of all this repetition? Well the first part once again revealed the Setsuna person as a designer child and I thought oh great another copy of the last what like 6 episodes? Awesome….

It wasn’t until Rita Hino showed up in that bar requesting information as a journalist on the Kanda Incident that I realized what makes this series highly entertaining to watch. The side cast of people in this series. There are a lot of them, and each episode we have had a varied sort of these people with more screen time than the main cast. We rarely see a lot of development from Daichi only he is a poster boy for this series.

The swimming pool fan service was unnecessary, but I can understand how that whole scene introduced Hana, Akari, and Setsuna. Setsuna is isolated from a lot of people and here she is out in the open enjoying her time on Earth. We learned Puck arbitrarily awakened Amarok and Malkin. Nice work on creating twists with the minor characters here! The project install program Mao yearned for could create a sort of immortality for herself. Selfish reasons in creating Setsuna as just a vessel, yet I cannot help but think that might be the ultimate goal for other people in this show. Turn humans into vessels for the Planetary Gears to live off of. Interesting concept if that is how it will be used for the remainder of this series.

I did not expect to see that gunshot coming from her assistant whom is working for the mysterious Robin. This was a nice break from the string of awakenings we’ve had for the past 6 or so episodes. Great job here BONES. Keep it up!


Captain Earth Episode 10

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It is refreshing that we are getting to see different areas of Japan here. But come on! What happened to all that development with GLOBE and SALTY DOG in the earlier episodes. It is like the writers completely threw all that information out the window and have ignored it. We haven’t seen Nishikubo in a long while, even Akari’s mother for that matter. For the past 4 episodes we have had a string of formulaic planetary gear episodes. I wouldn’t say this episode was terrible but it wasn’t great either. Simply because we have seen this all to well before.

Once again another planetary gear is awakened and this time its Lin. Throughout these repetitive episodes, there has been a slight introduction of a few minor characters that perhaps might prove to be important later on. The one thing I will mention that this episode uniquely added were some of these people.

Here we had Mao who was the most interesting character in this episode. GLOBE and Salty Dog know about the designer children, but what if third-party organizations knew as well the power they hold. What would these other companies try to achieve? This episode posed this question greatly. Highly unexpected here. Mao works for a group or person known only as Robin, who funded the “install” project, and this was a nice touch to this episode. The plot here would have been a lot better off without another a new Planetary Gear added to the mix. So much repetition here. Hopefully though we will see more of Mao considering it was revealed in the last scene that she is watching over Setsuna. Another possibility that Setsuna is a designer child as well.


Captain Earth Episode 9

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Finally getting to blogging Captain Earth. I am really behind on this series. I believe right now they have aired up to episode 13 so far. It looks like the 14th episode will have a new OP and ED to bring in its second half.

This was a lot better than the last episode. This was a surprise. I would have thought BONES would have continued the Zin arc with the half-hearted conclusion there. Here we are introduced to yet another Planetary Gear, seriously how many of these people are there? Ai is an idol, which if I recall we’ve seen her a few times in posters in some of the previous episodes. This was a nice change but for a series that uses songs for the sake of the story development its not a huge shock. Akari once again shined this episode, and proves to me once again why she is my favorite character in this show so far. She goes off on her own to buy computer parts, and ends up getting kidnapped.

Moco does her kiss to awaken Ai from her Planetary Gear slumber. These last couple of episodes have had a formula just like STAR DRIVER did. Learn something new the first 10 minutes or so, bring in a new character for the main cast to fend off, and throw in some new songs. Repeat it for awhile and its going to get boring. Here though we did have something different. Akari was forced to hack GLOBE’S systems affecting the Earth Engine Impactor, but I would not have imagined her to have such a strong personality like this. She was willing to destroy the entire planet if she wasn’t released. Ha! Great move Akari! This also taught us that the Planetary Gears need humans to evolve and live on longer. In the words of Akari, “don’t think you aliens can beat a mahou shojo!”


Captain Earth Episode 8

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So we finally have another slow moving episode after quite a bit of action last episode. Puck is turning out to be an intriguing character. He has been providing data to Amara and Moco. We’ve learned that the Machine Goodfellows aren’t perfect after all. They’ve been damaged and need repairs, typically in a teenage-mech series it’s only the good guys that suffer that fate. Here, we’ve got both sides can be impacted. We also got a little bit of fan service this episode, and here the creators here threw it in without much of a strong purpose.

If they had left out the first couple of scenes with Zin, I would not have expected him to be a Planetary Gear. BONES you’ve done it again! Throw in some suspense in your series! They should have let that scene completely out! Also the preview spoiled it from last episode as well. Come on BONES! Surprise us why don’t you?!

Naoka was pretty much useless. She was only there for Zin’s past background aside from that there was zero development for her. This was a shame. Considering how next episode will continue this arc with Zin, I do hope there is some kind of reason for Naoka to be in this than just detail.

One thing that was good about this episode were the Planetary Gears. I really do like how Moco awakens the Planetary Gears with a kiss. It’s so simple, nothing too complex. I was waiting for them to say Kiraboshi after the symbol scene. Haha! This show is very much like STAR DRIVER in so many ways.


Captain Earth Episode 7

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Midsummer’s Knights. How fitting for a BONES series to tagline the kids in this series. I find it interesting we haven’t seen anymore giant robots yet. I am sure that this will develop in some way or another later on. One thing this episode managed to do extremely well was focus on designing a team. Daichi becomes a Captain becoming leader of his group which consists of Teppei, Hana, and Akari. I really like how this series has now differentiated itself here.

Daichi and Teppei are the only ones from GLOBE [that we know of so far] piloting giant robots. Hana has mysterious powers and Akari is a super hacker. This is proving to become quite a well balanced team. BONES please don’t give piloting skills to the other team mates, I find it very refreshing that the main characters are being tested out with their respective skills here. Teppei completely abandoned his Kiltgang Ego-Drive in order to save Daichi and protect Earth. Ha! Great development here! I really figured Teppei would have ended up siding with the designer children let’s hope that doesn’t happen! Although it would be pretty neat to see BONES jump ship here finalize the plot and turn this show into an episodic series. They could pull this off if they somehow managed to further improve on the Kiltgang’s background. Midsummer’s Knights traveling all across the galaxy fighting Kiltgang. Haha! That would be some intriguing storytelling there! Overall though this was a pretty decent episode enhancing the main cast even further.