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Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 14

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I am going to try for the remaining Kiseijū episodes to get these posts out quicker.  Still need to catch up on GaroSailor Moon and Noitamina’s 2-cour run of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.  I’ve pre-ordered the original song and soundtrack 2-cd set so I cannot wait to hear the incredible music from that series! Now onto Kiseijū!

The breaking point for Shinichi and Ryoko finally comes ahead here!  The detective provides more than enough hassle for Migi’s way of thinking.  If I recall in my last post I mentioned there is the dynamic between Migi and Shinichi that’s aggressive.  This episode not only depicts this a great deal but illustrates even Migi’s evolution slightly–  keeping the detective alive emphasizes this greatly.  Shinichi uses this to his advantage quite well by brining back Uda to help them get more information on whose been keeping tabs on him.  The creators handle this nicely.  Use another parasite to investigate the human investigating you.  Smart.

The gradual build-up was so smooth towards Shinichi and the detective’s encounter–  the detective’s wife heeding warnings that he shouldn’t stick his nose into things that might be larger than his simple life.  What a reflection into the overall image that Kiseijū as a whole explores from the very beginning:  a horrifying alien species trying overcome a planet inhabited by humans!  This is where the mayor will come into play in future episodes greatly!

Contrasting this extremely well had to be the scene where Ryoko arrives back at her apartment to laugh at the helpless detective discovering the truth but unable to do a single thing about it!  This also illustrates the later scene where she’s carrying the baby like a paper sack and the college students are bewildered by anyone holding a baby like that.  Her parasite nature is in full view but this episode really shows off her evolution in having a shred of humanity.

Shinichi on the other hand is on the polar opposite here:  having said goodbye to Murano for two reasons.  One being the human side of him in protecting her from harm and two being the fact that he can’t tell her the truth for the sake of his own survival.  His deceased mother plays a huge role in this really well.  It’s hard for series to pull this off right, sometimes characters are killed off for shock factor that do leave some scars but in Kiseijū‘s case it enhances Shinichi as a human and what he’s been missing all this time both in terms of family and what should be inside his heart.

The gaping hole represents his fractured relationship with Murano now, his father’s lifeless emotions and now his unrequited feelings of rage towards himself for killing the very woman that protected him when he was child and couldn’t do so now that he’s become a man.

What a spectacular episode but I have to say the direction here was slightly amiss in a few scenes.  The abrupt camera cut from Ryoko’s sudden call to Shinichi and the transition into the university.  It was strangely short.  However regarding the story, this was another awesome episode of Kiseijū and I cannot wait to see next week’s!

I’m surprised there isn’t another opening and ending to this second half.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a series aside from Space Dandy that was 2-cour that uses this traditional method of anime seasons.


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 13

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This is a great addition in its second half with all the other unique series that began last week!  Yuri Kuma ArashiRolling GirlsDurarara!!x2 ShouGaro and Death Parade.  It’s nice to have a solid horror series remain for more than 1-cour and with an incredible soundtrack!

Kiseijū is back!  What a fantastic episode to start the new year considering how rushed the previous one had been:  I would say this is a strong contender for anime of the year.  This episode focuses on so many obstacles around Shinichi where he is stuck at the center of it all and this works out really well.  Probably not so much for Shinichi but the viewer anyway.

Tamiya Ryoko returns at the forefront as the subjective antagonist from earlier on and we see that in her efforts of keeping Shinichi alive against the parasite group with Goto in search of food supply restaurants.  I really like how this correlates to her rather tenacious idea of survival–  she keeps herself concealed well.  The gang that arrives to beat Shinichi up, the detective,  she gives them all different names and this act proves on her desire to co-exist with humans.  What also points this out is that raising the baby by a human shows a slight level of compassion and an even deeper understanding of Shinichi’s passionate spirit of killing parasites that kill humans.  It’s even this idea that the humans in this series are all quite defenseless putting aside that some of them might have landed some smart tactics:  Yuuko against Shimada in one of the earlier episodes.

Ryoko’s odd behavior was emphasized quite a bit here where she grabs her baby by the head and tells it to shut up:  this really pans out to how both these species can evolve.  We get a glimpse of this theme way back around the time Shinichi’s mother was turned into a parasite and now its being used as a method of understanding one another.  I can definitely see Kana’s death influencing this reversal in the characters here and fantastic introduction to the second half of Kiseijū.  Kana disregarding the warnings from the warnings from Shinichi falls victim of a parasite attack and this probably hits Murano the most here.  Affecting her relationship with Shinichi we gradually see this dynamic change quite a bit–  especially with Shinichi suggesting he should tell Murano about Migi.

Finally we are getting to the point where Shinichi is slowly coming to terms with the fact he isn’t normal and he would be ruining his own life if talk of his co-existence with a parasite got out.  Love the part where he runs RIGHT past Murano to avoid being followed by the detective as this depicts his survival instinct playing favor over his emotions.  This bridge between Shinichi and Migi is explored to great lengths here–  the detective gets a picture of Shinichi with his hand morphing as Migi.  Unleashing a survival-mode in Migi that almost shows the old Shinichi as the detective is running for his life!  His heart tainted with small parts of Migi ultimately sums up exactly how Shinichi has been evolving and now its affecting not just his personal life but the lives of others around him even on an emotional level.

Murano is expressing the idea that he IS different and things have changed.  Especially between them, Kana’s death plays a huge role in the sadness they should be sharing together but Shinichi isn’t showing it.  It’s this division between whether Shinichi is a human or a parasite that invokes a great fearful challenge within himself.  The question that raises up in this episode:  does he abandon everything he loves for the truth or continue on living with all the secrets to protect their lives.  How he should handle the other parasites and his meeting with Kana which we see here he has regrets about puts a very strong emphasis on this!

Keeping all this in mind about the depth of his character and Migi’s as well provides a strong emotional cliffhanger in the subtle romance of this show between Shinichi and Murano.  Also one thing I’ve enjoyed a lot is this aggressive relationship Migi has with his host:  while their main reason is staying alive but the ways that come to that they arrive at that conclusion are vastly different.  This provides really strong dialogue between seiyuu Aya Hirano [Migi] and Nobunaga Shimazaki [Shinichi].


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 12

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The staff we had in this episode was rather unique in everyone seemed to switch roles.  The general director of this series Kenichi Shimizu handling the storyboard of this episode and Yamashiro Chie moving away from adapting this series into the director’s chair here.  This was an issue of placing the right staff into the right spots at developing an episode.  As I’ve got to admit this was the weakest episode of Kiseijū I have seen yet and not a great way to end the first half.

The source material to this was fantastic because it moved at such a sluggish pace but here it felt rushed as if the creators were trying to establish Kana’s end situation against the parasite by rushing Kana’s movements towards Shinichi throughout this episode to a sudden climax.  Resulting in her death.

This is a prime example of where having a New Years break can hurt a 2-cour series’ progression–  having said that I think it was the fact that the staff happen to be in all the wrong roles here in designing this episode as the manga chapters to this were fantastic and this episode seemed loose because of it.

Shinichi has constantly told Kana to stay away from the people that she is able to notice with her perception abilities but I felt like this was over emphasized here to great lengths.  However one good point of this episode is that Migi hasn’t changed all that much from previous episodes in that he is still very weary of Shinichi interacting with other humans in questioning whether or not the truth should be brought up about his hand and the other parasites.  Its a reoccurring theme that has played out since the third episode and cannot shake this idea that more people will die from it.

More over Shinichi and Migi do learn about the group that Goto is somewhat leading in trying to control food sourcing.  This turns out to be a smart move to shift the plot in the middle of the episode away from all the focus on Kana.  Keeping in mind that what happens to Kana here takes a toll on Shinichi and ultimately brings up a theme that this show has been asking since his mother stabbed him in the heart.  What is it that makes us human?  To signify this point even more is the affect it has on Mitsuo and how he has been unable to tell Kana how he feels about her.  He likes her and its quite noticeable to the viewer but not so much to Kana as she is obsessed with Shinichi and his peculiarity.  This was a nice touch to add as this first half arrives to a stopping point.

The animation was top notch here and as rushed as this episode had been the team over at Madhouse did a wonderful job at modernizing a story that is around 27 years old.  Especially when Shinichi ran through that parasite and snatched his heart, such fluid animation!


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 11

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It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve talked about this series, I haven’t forgotten it one bit.  It’s a fantastic look at an 80’s manga series that uses a modern style:  animation is bright, Shinichi wears glasses in the beginning which in the manga if I remember doesn’t at all and the music stands out:  dubstep by Ken Arai.  The soundtrack is out for this and I could not have asked for a better collection of anime music as it is very unique in terms of your traditional style of sound in the anime world.  I finished the manga to this and it was just as people have been telling me:  very very good.  Now I can’t wait to see what the creators do to animate the rest of this!

Kana’s dream sequence was a really nice start after the introduction of two new parasites prior to the opening to this show that gives us this wide view of her character.  The love she has for Shinichi and her innate ability at detecting other parasites without really knowing exactly what they are.  Monsters that follow her and a knight in shining armor that resembles Shinichi with a sword-like hand that rides in on horseback to save the day–  I laughed when I saw this simply because this is this is a good vision of how a horror series would be if it were cheesy shonen anime.  This also touched on her constant inquiries about Shinichi being someone that is not human:  the result is that he allows her to pluck a few hairs out of his head, good thing Migi is in his hand and heart and not in his head.  Great idea to recap a slight detail from the previous episode into this one here with that idea.

The dream was also undeniable proof of things to come especially with the introduction of Goto and his annihilation of the Yakuza and interest into integrating with the human society.  Would like to point out that the seiyu of Goto is the same voice of Gilbert from Masterpiece Theatre’s Akage no Anne from the late 70’s into the early 2000’s.  Wonderful casting job here.

After witness the slaughter here he’s much more vicious than any other parasite antagonist Shinichi has ever faced and was a great transition into going towards the second half of Kiseijū and its new cast.  Best fight I’ve seen for this series so far as it finally shows us the terror of a parasite at close range between a group of humans.  Shimada killed a class 3-3 but none of it was really shown so it was nice to finally have a scene like this brought into the open to the viewer here.  Also want to point out that what Goto was testing with the Yakuza very much establishes the main plot of this show to life and full circle from the first episode.  An alien invasion.

The shapeshifting portion of this proves once again that these creatures aren’t to be taken lightly, even by the end here as Shinichi is trying to maintain a level-head and keeping everyone that he knows safe after two massacres at his school.

Glad that Murano and Shinichi are in a relationship now and have a real date without the hinderance of another parasite provides the realistic nature this show chooses to neglect with its other-wordly plot and incongruous soundtrack: smart move here.

The transition here was absolutely perfect where a distraught kid is about to be slapped for crying right in front of Shinichi’s date with Murano–  really reflects the time he had with his own mom and what he’s lost due to his transformation beyond human and parasite.  Those quick flashback segments were ridiculously good and a nice build up to what occurs here at the very end.  Migi’s discovery of new parasites towards this gradual tension to another cliffhanger of meeting Kana there and being noticed by Goto.  The up-close face sequence of him highlighted on screen was that the same animator of the Shiki opening?


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 10

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I’m going to say this now before moving any further–  this was an oddly-paced episode, because we not only had Shimada’s insane bloodbath but we were presented with an epilogue.  It’s not that I didn’t like it I absolutely loved this episode, but it felt strange at first.  I was caught off guard that they didn’t turn this into one big fight episode–  however that is something fantastic about Kiseijū–  it knows how to carry itself when it needs to.

The creators if they had wanted to could have very much ended the season or series for that matter right here.  I am very glad that this is NOT the case here as from what I’ve been hearing there is quite a lot left over from the manga to adapt.  The story here went further to show what the police have been doing to investigate these grisly murders within the school and throughout Japan and more importantly what they’ve learned about these parasites.

Aside from the pacing this was an enjoyable episode that really showed its colors that what   Kiseijū truly is underneath it all is a horror series!  Yuuko was the crucial piece of this episode that controlled everything that happened here–  the bottle she had affected Shimada’s thoughts collectively after it was poured on him–  unable to change back to a human appearance he was left with one choice and this was what brought about the slaughter of quite a few teachers and the entire class of 3-3.  We are also learning more about the parasites themselves here–  Migi sensing a disjoint in Shimada’s behavior ultimately re-emphasizes that even he doesn’t understand how their chemistry works.

I’m surprised that Yuuko lived through this, falling through that tree was the only smart choice here because she would have most certainly been killed.  This was intense, and Shinichi’s affect on seeing Shimada’s aftermath of Class 3-3 was about the first time we’ve seen him show any emotion since his mother’s appearance as a parasite quite some time ago.  His desperation and hope that Murano wasn’t killed off depicts that he still has a level of human nature left inside of him and this was especially noticeable when he pulled the dead student’s body closer to see their face hoping that it wasn’t Murano’s.  Luckily her safety is what makes Shinichi stronger here considering how far and fast that rock was thrown and its this motivation that forces him to kill Shimada–  powerful scene where he was up on the roof.

The director here did a wonderful job at shifting this horrible situation as a show with some surprising dark comedy elements added in: when Shinichi described that the government didn’t open up about the existence of parasites but that people started greeting each other by pulling out each other’s hair left me laughing a little bit.  Then there is that overly energetic scientist discussing the evidence he’s gathered regarding the parasites.  It’s a lighter side of this series that is finally showing up since the first few episodes had an entrance and it’s been awhile but hopefully some good can come out of this.

There is also the fact that after saving Murano he more than made up for his behavioral issues with Murano thinking he’s not himself.  It’s about time because this guy has been through the ringer since episode five.  It’s this epilogue as odd as it might have been for me worked very well in that it makes light of a very horrendous event that transitions what even the past two episodes have done so well at which was build up!  It amazes me how well director Kenichi Shimizu was able to segue from all of those tense situations–  Shinichi finding out his mom is dead and he has to kill her parasitic form, meeting Uda, seeing his father depressed, hurting Murano, scaring Yano’s gang, seeing his classroom slaughtered and witnessing all of this while undergoing physical and mental changes to this tactful ending so effectively!  Incredible!


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 9

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Kenji Kawamura, I was extremely surprised to see his name for this, because he helped episode direct some terrible productions–  Iron Man OVA [the initial anime series was bad enough], SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation that utilized a mascot as a highly commercialized moe character centralized in the world of gravure.  Then there was Devil May Cry, they just had to make an anime series based off the video game franchise and it left tons of loopholes and poorly developed characters into the mix!

However, two shows that do stand out from his repertoire as actually decent are Tenjho Tenge, an energetic anime that sets its focus on a martial arts school and the popular mafia action series Black Lagoon.  Suffice to say this episode of Kiseijū is the best production he has ever directed in his entire career–  it helps a lot when you have highly-regarded source material to work with and this ultimately paid off quite a bit in his favor!

Alright, I’m sold, this show is the best this season has to offer and I cannot wait to see what the Blu-rays offer for this.  This will be the show I purchase on Blu-ray once they are released as I’ve been incredibly amazed at how well the direction has been every week!  Not to mention the amazing soundtrack that releases on the 24th of this month!

Yuuko has been caught in the middle of something huge here–  Shimada is very much a parasite and he will kill anyone who discovers his secret.  She’s along the background for a lot of the episode from the rest of the cast but it isn’t until she sees the baseball fly towards Shimada a land a hole in his head, reshaping himself that she KNOWS without a doubt that there is something fake about his face.

It’s about time people are starting to take notice of these alien beings and try to understand what they are doing on the planet–  the investigation team that spoke with Shinichi’s father cast aside any doubt HE had that his wife’s death was truthfully from a monster out of the world and not just some delusion he made up.  Fantastic way to amplify the situation that ordinary humans are being put into terrible situations by using an investigator’s drawing of a human host and Yuuko’s illustration of Shimada to get this show moving at a highly accelerated rate!

Everything up to this point from Shinichi’s fight with A, his mother stabbing him in the heart and meeting Uda a human parasite similar to him that has let up to the inevitable–  humans were going to find out about the mincemeat murders from the very beginning and pick up the traces that aliens have invaded humankind.

Even Mitsuo’s fear of Shinichi’s transformation in behavior proves that parasites can enhance human understanding–  especially when Shinichi was able to pick out their leader Yano after never having met him before!  The tone this episode conveyed was a lot different than the previous one in that there were a lot of surprising interactions with the cast here.

Shimada shocked at the fact that he couldn’t detect Migi and yet Shinichi was still able to jump that wall, Yano’s fear being dismantled by Shinichi’s sheer strength in his fist, Yuuko seeing Shimada actually shape-shift and Murano’s disheartened truth that Shinichi really has evolved from the young man she cared for.  Loved how the writers pulled in that past sequence between Shinichi and Murano’s first meeting–  this really illustrates the fact how far she will go for him.

I also like how the composer Ken Arai mixed up the music this time around with a few pieces with less of a dubstep feel to it.  It definitely provided a stronger collection of scenes with Yuuko’s innocent obsessional feelings about Shimada to quickly advance towards a life and death cliffhanger event that results in the horrified expression on her face by the end! Can’t wait for the next episode!


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 8

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I was really hoping to get these out last week but with the holiday season approaching and finals its been more difficult to find time.  Nonetheless, we had an incredible week of Kiseijū last week because of the first live-action entry into this was finally receiving a cinema-wide release throughout Japan.  The amount of hype for this has been tremendous and as such we were treated with not one episode of the animated television series but two!

We also couldn’t have asked for a better director on this episode than Koji Sawai as he single handedly directed some really solid episodes of historical samurai drama and comedy series Hyouge Mono.  Surprisingly enough this was the same guy that ended up directing an amazing love story: Lion and Pelican from Ai Monogatari of the early 90’s.  I highly recommend seeing that out of the collection of tales told in that collection of stories.  Good to see a well-versed director working on a series with this style of genre as the most compelling parts of this episode were between Shinichi and Murano.

Picking up from last time, Shinichi returns from his trip a changed young man.  Ryoko Tamiya is back, and this was a pleasant surprise because now that Shinichi has gone through hell with losing his mother, gaining additional abilities and moving towards a path less human Tamiya’s calm and intelligent demeanor should provide some intriguing interactions with Shinichi and Migi later on.

Kiseijū and Garo are some of my favorites this season for many reasons but one that does standout is the amount of side-characters these two shows focus on.  A few episodes ago we were introduced to the perceptive Kana and her wannabe boyfriend Mitsuo, the way the manga author introduced these two by interweaving Nagai back into the picture, allows for their scenes to add a lot more realism to this series than we’ve ever had before.  I really like the fact that there is a gang war between school students amidst alien beings taking over the planet–  and Migi’s progression towards merging with Shinichi is a focal point especially with Mitsuo jealousy-fueled fight against him here.  The result here?  Well we got to see some incredibly fluid animation by Madhouse.  Great stuff!

It’s these changes that make an impact on his father asking if he’s made of steel, to the dead puppy scene that pushed away Murano even further.  This could not have been at a more difficult time for him after everything he’s been through–  Shinichi is introduced to Shimada, a companion of Ryoko that is sent within the school to observe Shinichi’s parasitic progress.

Shimada, a level-headed student that provides Shinichi and more-so Migi with tons of questions to one huge theme that Ryoko brought to the table originally–  can these parasites co-exist with humans and how so?  Feel really bad for Migi’s new weakness that he falls asleep for four hours because he knows that the two of them should be very cautious of Shimada but this played off amazingly well for Kana and her unusual abilities to detect parasites.

Great foreshadow to use especially with how frightened she was about Shimada which I can see Shinichi and her working together in the future.  Want to point out that her reasoning being that she can sense her soul mate screams that she is infatuated with Shinichi’s strong personality which also reflects in Murano’s friend Yuuko and her crush towards Shimada.  Glad we didn’t have to wait another week for the next episode of this!  Another amazing episode here!


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 7

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THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE IS MY FAVORITE SERIES OF THE SEASON!  The manga was written around the late 80’s and we’re finally getting an adaptation of it–  I’ve been waiting for a horror series of this kind to show up for quite some time now, and this is definitely it.  Every week this show is able to capture Shinichi’s transformation away from humanity so well that it blows apart every other series that we’ve had this season out of the water with it’s engaging story, characters and production values.

He’s been afraid of critters ever since he was little and now that he’s got one influencing his decisions and changed his life entirely he winds up pushing away Murano, killing other parasites and removing his compassion to replace it with a desire to kill his mother-turned-parasite!  He was weak before, but since last time we were shown he’s gained new abilities and new ways of coping with death–  I wonder what his own father would say if he ever found out the truth about Migi.  Now as for the beginning it was no surprise to say the least that the parasite he had detected turned out to be someone other than his mother Nobuko.

Mamoru is not the typical sidekick character you would see in a series so action packed like this one but all of what we had here worked out incredibly well!  We’ve had some strange human hosts in the past and this guy was refreshing to see because he’s the complete opposite of all the other parasites that Shinichi’s come across!  He has compassion and is a worry wart that compromises his Parasite time and time again which the flashback provided a great deal amount of depth to his personality.

For one thing, I didn’t see coming at all was how well the two of them faired off against Shinichi’s mother, an intelligent parasite that can switch forms really well.  It took me a second viewing to notice the impact of Mamoru’s courageous breakthrough–  in the beginning when he acquired Parasite.  He fell along the cliff while in his fight towards the end of the episode he is knocked off by Nobuko and gradually gains the strength to climb back up to attack his fears.  Protecting Shinichi in the process from taking his own mother’s life.  Great direction with that entire scene!

Also glad that the creators didn’t beat the horse with this story thread–  Shinichi’s intense motivation to release his mother from a life after normalcy, in other words a parasitic life.  Any longer and the story would have led to a rather sluggish pace leaving to a stale conclusion.  Glad to see that wasn’t the case here.  We don’t really need recaps for a show like this because Migi’s concern about the changes within Shinichi and himself reinforced what we saw in the previous episode and it was through the middle part of this that the writers were able to establish how perceptive they are regarding their own species growth and gradual metamorphisis.

I want to mention the music for a moment, Ken Arai is doing a tremendous job at using dub-step to elicit the supernatural themes of this show–  when Migi fell asleep to Nobuko’s realization that it wasn’t Migi doing the fighting but a human that has undergone a tremendous alteration with astounding dexterity.

Absolutely loved the ending there, Kana senses Shinichi’s return back home and Murano chasing after him for a warm welcome–  good contrast to all the hell he’s gone through these past few episodes.


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 6

vlcsnap-2014-11-24-19h25m08s101 vlcsnap-2014-11-24-19h25m40s159 vlcsnap-2014-11-24-19h26m06s212 vlcsnap-2014-11-24-19h28m41s185

I’m really glad to see that this show is receiving a late night airing as this episode especially would have been censored at great lengths.  Heck, the entire fight scenes with these parasites would have been blacked out and suffered what Terrarformars and Tokyo Ghoul got in their timeslots.  It’s a shame to see but here we’ve got a gem of a series in one of the best time-slots on NipponTV’s late night block.

One of the more recent anime series that I can recall that had a gut wrenching scene or in this example collection of scenes has to be episode 8 of 2011’s Blood-C, speaking of the uncensored blu-rays of course.  The entire episode pushed its focus on a giant Furukimono dismembering school students in various ways–  this was on that level for me.  If the turmoil that Shinichi experienced last week was intense enough here came this episode!  Shinichi is quickly losing blood after being stabbed in the heart by his mother–  as good as this series has been I’ve neglected the manga for right now because the anime is already presenting itself with amazing atmosphere, plot, characterization and everything in between I feel this show would not have the amount of impact it has had on me if I knew what was coming next.  I don’t know for certain though, perhaps the Kiseijū manga readers out there are pretty psyched about these episodes as I’ve been.

Having said that, I was not very sure how the creators were going to depict how Shinichi’s life was going to be spared.  Migi’s constant reading on the internet and through books on his research on the human species paid off here extremely well–  he attempted a very meticulous procedure that worked out in the end with a few side effects both good and bad.

One thing that is certain is that the two of them are gradually understanding each other’s perspective of their own species.  Migi’s intent here wasn’t just for the sake of his survival because as we have learned before he can only survive if Shinichi’s alive as now there was a crucial element that surprised me here:  Migi would not have done everything that he did here just to save his own life–  it was very risky considering how long he was separated from Shinichi.  After having his life saved, Shinichi begins the grieving process in trying to understand that his mom isn’t who she was before–  a path of redemption designed to further transform Shinichi as an adult and one that is slightly steps away from humanity.

What an astounding way to enhance this by actually animating he can run faster than before, and his vision has improved including his other senses as well.  I also liked how Satomi played off of this–  she’s worried about the boy she likes after he’s missed a few days of school she goes to visit him and sees him off and how much he changed especially with that solemn look he carried on his face.  At Sakurazaki there ended up being a huge turn around here with another girl, Makiko eyeing him when he travels to ensure his father is safe.  This girl is curious about him just like Satomi and Kana have been but in a very different way.  Satomi cares for him as they’ve been classmates for quite some time and friends, Kana is interested in what is this mysterious hold he has for being out of place from other people and then there is the introduction of Makiko a girl simply smitten with him.  Loved this because now we’ve got a Shinichi who has changed in so many different respects that it plays out a bit differently than what we even had at the very beginning of this episode.  On top of redeeming himself and his family there is a circulating theme that is building up and that’s his evolution and integration as a human parasite.

So much occurred here in 24 minutes and the pacing felt so smooth–  Shinichi’s father is put into the same frame of mind that Shinichi was last episode: a feeling of disbelief that a member of their family has been killed and resurrected by a parasite.  Talk about another tough scene to watch– the authorities disproving a monster had killed his wife and pushing on the idea that he hit his head and had some crazy thoughts.  This just illustrates the sheer level of frightening abilities these parasites can use to imitate humans–  just about anyone in this show can be one and we wouldn’t know it unless it was revealed to us!

There is also a downside to this that was displayed so effectively here–  Migi senses another one of his kind towards the end of the episode here and Shinichi automatically assumes it’s his mother.  Great way to bring in another tense cliffhanger!


Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 5

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Aside from Shinichi gradually warming up to Murano a lot more this episode he went through hell here.  That was tough to watch, and I feel really bad for Shinichi now–  waking up late for school, getting attacked by a gang while Migi is asleep, and what’s worse he gets beaten up a second time by the same people only to try and protect Murano without showing his inhuman nature.

That wasn’t even half of what poor Shinichi went through in the span of 24 minutes as we left from the previous episode with his parents leaving on a trip only to arrive back with his mother very much dead and taken over by parasite and his father is presumably stuck with the same fate.  This guy can’t catch a break, especially after he has slowly been learning how to fight alongside Migi let alone even understand the creature’s values for life.

After those previous episodes that started laying out a foundation between Shinichi and Migi– this episode dedicated itself in developing their bond through survival as Shinichi’s continuous hope to persevere and take on his problems as a human without Migi was astounding especially during his second encounter with the gang.  I do like how well the episode director took the source material to create a nice dynamic of soft-touch up scenes to the intense parts that were used here when the group of troublemakers around a corner caused harm to Nagai and Shinichi just happens to be at the right place at the right time to interrupt their violence.  Nagai, the same guy who beat up Shinichi way back in episode two and right here in this second half ended up using Nagai’s own friends or gang as a way out to hide the fact that Shinichi has a parasite for a right hand!  Somehow I could not have seen this going the same way if Migi had not landed a punch on Nagai back then, he was freaked out then and now there is this confidential understanding that Nagai had of Shinichi after seeing him protect him once.  Love the foreshadow as this gave into the introduction of Kana played by Sawashiro Miyuki wonderfully and established a feeling of fear in not just Shinichi but more so Migi regarding their secret.

A bit off topic, but she has been very busy this season:  Sinon from Sword Art Online II, Rita from Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Gen from Tenkai Knights, heck even this year she’s had close to 15 shows she’s done voice work in! Not much to say here but that this was an incredible episode!