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PSYCHO-PASS 2 [40/100]

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I’m going to keep this short because I feel that the review of the final episode covered most of my thoughts on this series as a whole.  When I heard that a second season was announced for Noitamina’s 2014 lineup I was overjoyed.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a really good cyberpunk anime series, last one that I can remember having such an influence into the genre was the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series that Production I.G. developed in the early 2000’s.  The first season of Psycho-Pass used wonderful ideas about a futuristic dystopian society that followed the rules under a secretive system that with the first season had been let out of its cage by an asymptomatic killer Shougo Makishima and his tenacious behavior at influencing others to unleash their own aspirations of behind heard through killing.  Following the events with Kougami gone missing, Akane gaining the Shepherd I title and having complete authority over Division I puts her into quite a strong role for this second series.

Kirito Kamui, one of the series villains was used here as the focal point in evolving Sibyl into a collective entity but threw Akane to the sidelines by the end.  This wasn’t the only part of the show that went wrong here:  Yugo Kanno’s strong orchestral sound was replaced by a new style of his that did not work one bit–  electronica.  Also the series’ writer was changed from Gen Urobuchi to Tow Ubukata of Mardock Scramble and I can definitely tell it’s in every way inferior to its predecessor.

New enforcers were unveiled in this second season with Sho Hinakawa whom only speaks three words in the entire show that barely has screen time voiced by Makishima’s seiyu Takahiro Sakurai.  Then there is Sakuya Togane a mother-obsessed enforcer that oddly reminded Akane of Kougami of the first season a few times that turns out to be the other villain of this series with this highest crime coefficient ever recorded.  I think what targeted this series wasn’t the story as much as it was its under-developed characters including the schoolgirl-turned inspector Mika Shimotsuki that was more of an annoyance to not just the people she worked with but the viewer as well.

With the return of Production I.G. in the animation spot for the film and Gen Urobuchi’s return for the script I hope to see great things just as I did with the first season.  As for this second season this was a great example of what doesn’t make a series shine.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 11 [END]

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It’s been about a week or so since I’ve had an update on my blog due to the holidays.  I hope that everyone had a great holiday and look forward to the new year with some interesting and fun anime series to get into!  Hopefully I will have a post about that within the coming week!  Now onto Noitamina’s second season of Psycho-Pass!

I get the feeling especially with the finale here is that Ubukata could not quite grasp the ideas Gen Urobuchi had for the story of Psycho-Pass when it came to developing its characters, creating intense scenes and wrapping that around the Sibyl System.  I miss the quotes he used in the first season and it’s highly noticeable especially with this episode and the constant persona switches from Kamui in the beginning that this is the same series but a completely different writer.

I say this because this episode pointed out absolutely everything that was wrong in the development of this second season.  Two antagonists, Kamui and Togane that could have been made into frightening people on two sides of the spectrum–  one obeying the system and the other denying it’s perfection.  Personally, I did not like Togane very much as Ubukata forcefully wrote his personality from the get-go to be evil since the very beginning which contrived some really plain backdrop scenes around Akane. [Thinking of when he pointed his dominator at her for the first time and Shimotsuki was right around the corner witnessing it all and his red eyes during the drone facility event]

Right at the core of Sibyl is finally where Kamui questions the authority of a collective entity but it just doesn’t add up.  Why destroy all those brains that the system has worked so hard at enriching itself into being better and why didn’t Kamui manipulate Akane into pointing the dominator right at Sibyl from the start?  I guess the writers here needed something desperately to work with and it’s without fail that they even used Chief Kasei’s death to somehow elevate the situation for her son, Togane. I can understand that Kamui has a skewed view of this system just as Shougo Makishima had but his reasons were rather unnecessary:  to be denied by a system that establishes a clear path into a life of peace just because your life was saved from 184 human beings.  It’s a shame that they even used a different writer for this because Urobuchi could have crafted this more intelligently as he has some kind of understanding of the sci-fi world built here rather than Ubukata.

I think what went wrong here more-so than anything else is the impact Akane made on Kamui and Togane as even the cliffhanger from last time pointed out that this is a showdown between the two of them.  A question of ideals that Togane backs up on the front that Sibyl is perfect and Kamui with his prowess in removing obstacles just to be noticed makes me think of Zankyou no Terror‘s main cast.  Pushing aside that the kids in that series were neglected and used as tools for so long without a family, Nine and Twelve somewhat gave off the idea that they vied for attention with those bombings whereas with Psycho-Pass there is this undesirable effect of completely removing a key solution [Akane] to solving Kamui’s deep-ridden issues of feeling left behind.  He could have just manipulated Akane into using her own dominator in question Sibyl instead of killing off tons of people including civilians, inspectors and enforcers.  He had used Shusui to a pretty good effect in this series but it was this ending that resulted in his downfall as she was apprehended quite easily by Ginoza.  It’s too bad that we could not have seen her character switched with Akane’s, as being a strong-willed person and abruptly captured would have provided some very interesting scenes with the new and old cast.

Overall he is a loosely-cultivated character that doesn’t fit into this cyberpunk world which works in the matter of not being noticed by Sibyl for the sake of enriching the story but in terms of keeping on cue of the other characters and this series themes it doesn’t work one bit.  It’s at fault by the writers in creating a stronger effect with him.  What takes the cake here is solely due to Togane’s poorly scripted emotional scenes about his mother dying, the truth behind Sibyl and his own lack of empathy for the Safety Bureau Inspectors that were trying to uphold a truer sense of justice.

Shimotsuki however did get the backbone to finish off Togane and it’s about time!  After all the hell she was put through in the previous episodes it was good to see her have a courageous moment of doubt on Sibyl’s part.  However it’s a shame it took eleven episodes even do this monumental part into her own character.

There were two parts of this I actually did like and that’s where Akane’s color has remained the same and the other being that music composer Yuugo Kanno chose to use the beautiful score from the end of the first season to close off this season and remind us as horrible as this season was that we are watching a series based on a dystopian future that is revolving around Sibyl a system that leaves a question to the viewer throughout:  What is it exactly that makes us human?

Please, Production I.G. redeem yourself of the mess that this was with the feature film in January!  I look forward to seeing the animation better than what your sub-par animation studio Tatsunoko Productions managed to create with this season!

Also what was that animation on Togane’s complete meltdown, that had to be one of the worst character drawn scenes I have ever seen.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 10

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Can’t believe there is going to be only one episode left as the story of Kamui would have been so much better as a two or possibly three episode arc to build up the world that Sibyl presented to us in the first season and bring it back slowly here to new and old viewers.

This has been dragged out for far too long and honestly I cannot wait for this season to be over, because it has been very badly written, oddly animated and so many quickly-decided resolutions that we are left with an extremely weak anime season into one of the best first seasons I have ever seen in the genre of sci-fi.  It is sad to see.

Now that Kamui and his team have begun their infiltration into a subway station and the public safety bureau closing in I was very surprised how much better this episode was than the rest of the series.  It was fast-paced and avoided leaving Akane behind–  she knows of Togane’s plan with his mother and she isn’t going to sit idly by.

The unsettlingly relationship between Akane and Togane is making for a decent confrontation between the two of them as it sets up him as the antagonist rather than Kamui.  It might be an under-developed turn of events to do but this could be what might save this series from complete failure since the beginning–  in other words a rushed ending.

We’ve seen very little of the original cast–  Ginoza, Yayoi and Karanomori and are interrupted by a new set of characters that look like they may get killed off by the end here as they’ve had no development either which if handled correctly could work out well for a 1-cour series such as this one.

On the plus side at least Kougami showed up again regardless if it was Akane envisioning him and I am glad that the opening by Ling Tosite Sigure is really good.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 9

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What is going on here?!  Shimotsuki was a rookie at the start of this series because she was just like Akane and what added to her character was that she survived a horrific incident from Oryo already.  That alone should have made her stronger, but instead only over the course of these episodes she’s been mentally broken and become an insignificant piece of the story now.  She only adds more drama that is completely unneeded and just fills time.

Initially I thought that Kamui would have been one of those brains that somehow escaped from Sibyl after re-discovering himself and the impurities of the system, but with the reveal last time that he’s a a person with parts of 184 children from a plane crash story that felt so abrupt in the world of Psycho-Pass, I cannot help but feel that the writer Ubukata might be running at the seat of his pants on this one.  Also there are tons of similarities between his work on Mardock Scramble‘s dialogue and this second season of Psycho-Pass in that paradoxes are thrown around.  While the atmosphere and characters were great in carry Mardock along this show is portrayed way too abrupt.

The cinematography is forcing itself to catch up to the level of the first season and Saiga is trying to be the intellectual Kougami of this season–  this show is trying way too hard.  The question that begs to be asked here is why did Production I.G. and Gen Urobuchi leave the staff for this second season to a half-hazard writer and sub-par animation studio where the actual feature film is going to be done by the entire staff of the first season?  This really makes no sense.

One thing that this show has done right is improvements on background designs as we’ve re-visited a few places from the first season and they look pretty good.  However, there are still a few scenes here especially with the Koichi dinner part that looked flat even Kamui’s face when he had his discussion with Koichi regarding his plans to destroy Sibyl.

Once again this show excels at elevating the gore as to somehow try to catch the viewer off guard that this show isn’t a cyberpunk series but a horror one–  bad move because it has been poorly executed up to this point due to its shoddy animation techniques and overly-exaggerated camera angles.  Overall it leaves a lasting effect that this show has been written, animated, and all around concieved horribly.  To use the ballad piece during the big reveal toward the end of the episode, why?

Akane’s grandmother Aoi is in trouble and so the first time episode director Keisuke Kojima illustrates this to such a bad effect by using extremely dark scenes to capture Akane’s gradual descent into a less than perfect hue.  It also doesn’t help that these odd camera decisions were managed by the Kimi no Iru Machi OVA director Hiroshi Kobayashi.  Worst OVA I’ve seen recently and Shimotsuki’s praise over the Sibyl system scene was weird especially with this direction.

Also, Aoi was ONLY introduced in this season and it would have made a heck of a lot more sense to use Kougami as the death piece here in transforming Akane’s psycho-pass black and using the grandmother this grated on my nerves quite a bit.  Ubukata you need to stop over emphasizing that Togane is a villain as we’ve known this for a while and that end scene after the credits didn’t help keep this subtle at all.



PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 8

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So it looks like I was right on the mark about Kamui in his connection to the 184 children that died–  however it’s noted by Shimotsuki here that he was pieced together with parts of these children.  This makes sense as to why the Sibyl scanners cannot detect him but I fail to understand why he has taken upon himself to push the Sibyl System to destroy itself as we gathered in an earlier episode.

A lot better direction here than what was thrown at us in the past two weeks but it looks as though the budget was pretty low for this season to begin with: the music is a step down from last season, the direction especially here where Kamui is put into the place of the doctor discussing with Saiga about the procedure of how Kamui was re-created made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I still cannot fathom why Production I.G. used a subsidiary of its company, Tatsunoko to handle animation production on this as it was stated before by the parent company that this WAS going to be their new flagship series in the vein of Ghost in the Shell.  What’s even more puzzling is why hand it off when they are producing the animation for the feature film?

Shimotsuki is getting stronger as she’s been discovering the secrets behind Kamui’s connection to the Togane foundation, the doctor performing his surgery and Misako Togane’s uncanny resemblance to Chief Kasei.  This proves how even she is able to have a little distrust towards the system even while being hypocritical with her feelings of jealousy over Akane’s out-of-the-box investigation methods.  The worse thing this show could have done for itself and especially here was write up a flimsy story about Kasei and potential family members.  None of which was pointed out in the first season–   is this season running by the seat of its pants and just moving forward as it goes along?  Sure does look that way.

Judging by everything that Shimotsuki discovered even about Sakuya Togane being created just proves that Kasei has been pulling some strings for the sake of protecting Sibyl.  What I do not understand is why Shimotsuki if she knew even with the slightest bit of detective skills that she has that Kasei and Misako Togane are one in the same then she should not have submitted that report to her.  Getting herself apprehended by Togane and his mother was a slap in the face that completely dismantles Shimotsuki’s character back to square one!  This goes to show how poorly written these new inspectors and enforcers are for this season of Psycho-Pass!


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 7

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I am really glad that Psycho-Pass received a second season and a feature-length film, but when I had initially heard the Gen Urobuchi would be out of the writer’s chair for this one and had been replaced by Tow Ubukata I was perplexed.  A few of the episodes from this season were decently animated but now it’s gone downhill again.  Also is Yuugo Kanno afraid of doing more orchestral productions with his score here; the first season’s soundtrack was amazing but what the heck is this?  If he was going to switch his style and move towards an electronic sound with this season he should have taken notes from Ken Arai and what he’s doing with Kiseijū’s music.

What in the world is Tow Ubukata trying to do to this series?  Akane discovers a plane crash that occurred 15 years ago carrying 184 kids–  all of which were killed EXCEPT for Kamui.  How convenient.  I feel like this would have been a lot stronger if it was woven into a two or three episodic arc similar to what the first season did with the Holo incident regarding Spooky Boogie and Talisman.  The Oryo arc of season 1 was an incredible three-part arc that transitioned a science-fiction show into straight up horror very well that I was hoping this season could gain from.  It’s too bad this show suffers from competing with the  excellence of the first season and heck even Shimotsuki was more engaging with a minimal role in that portion of the series than she was here as a main cast member!

The backstory for a killer that is supposed to be this season’s villain and rivaling Makishima?  This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and we are already half-way through yet we’ve not seen a single bit of Kougami nor Kamui’s motivations for killing inspectors and enforcers, stealing dominators and hacking into video games.  It was great to see Kougami in a dream sequence even if it was just Akane disillusioned by Togane’s behavior, seriously why is this guy even reminding her of Kougami even now?  I understood it when he pointed the gun at Kamui on the boat in the previous episode but come on now, Ubukata could have done much better than set this up as Akane missing Kougami by using  one of the biggest romance tropes in anime ever.

As bad as the last episode was this was bad enough because Akane’s grandmother is put into the picture for the sake of illustrating Akane’s perfect color and point out foreshadow.  Poorly executed here.  I cannot help but sense that Togane is a part of Kamui’s endeavors somehow considering Chief Kasei must be his mother from the pictures Shimotsuki found.  Shimotsuki discovering that the surgeon whom operated on Kamui after his accident being tied to the Togane corporation throws this idea out to us in a huge way.  Can’t say that I like where this is going because it seems all too predictable and that the revealing from the Public Safety Bureau finding out that Kamui has 185 followers behind him develops that he’s more connected to those kids than that incident.  Really isn’t a good way to develop a villian.

Perhaps the reason why he was unable to be recognized by Sibyl is for two reasons here: He is the original lab-rat in the creation of Sibyl and secondly he is somehow a part of those other children that died physically and mentally.  It’s about time we see more of Yayoi and Karanomori since this season has neglected its original cast for choppy scenes that portray brand new characters.  BUT I will say it again like I have before: this season is trying way too hard at being like the first one, hope that Tow can come out of the mess he’s put himself into crafting this because this was horribly written.  Surprising because his three-film collection of Murdock Scramble turned out very good and had some solid direction.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 6

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I was quite disappointed with this episode for many reasons and I hope Tatsunoko Productions can up the ante for this series because this episode sure had some poorly drawn sequences.  Karanomori had a few horrible facial expressions and I hope that this isn’t a sign that the budget is lowering for a season that isn’t even close to what the first season was.

Makishima Shogo was an asymptomatic serial killer void of any emotion that provided some rather fantastic interactions between civilians and the public safety bureau.  People that obeyed the system to the core others that were being influenced by him is a huge part of what made Psycho-Pass’ season 1 such a huge success.  Just about every scene that had him appear in was well-written and never a dull moment, but this season has just been bad in terms of villains.

Kamui is entirely different story here, he shows emotion as we saw in a much earlier episode crying over losing comrades yet his regard for killing inspectors and enforcers this episode was the complete opposite!  Bad writing has resulted in everything that we had here and it’s times like these I wish Gen Urobuchi would just take over in the writing department.

Another part of this I did not like is how they’ve emphasized that Togane is going to be a hindrance to Akane later on especially with the focus on him working behind the scenes to investigate Akane’s very-own psycho-pass.  Shimotsuki in all certainty has been shaken up by what she has seen in his room in hopes to protect her senior inspector.  I can see this backfiring completely on her eventually–  resulting in her death or someone else’s.  The roles have reversed from Season 1 into this one.  Akane has taken the role of Kogami’s out-of-the-box methods in solving cases, Shimotsuki is the rookie just as Akane which is a good transition to see but for the sake of time could end up having some poorly executed plot threads in terms of characterization.

As for the holo-designer Sho there has been little to no role for him which I really have to wonder if the creators aren’t aiming in developing him further by rushing it at the very end.  Even Yayoi and Karanomori there hasn’t been much in the way of development for them this season.

These past few episodes have dismantled my theory that Kamui is an inside job to destroy Sibyl.  I say this only because of how many people have been slaughtered in the past four episodes–  it wouldn’t make much sense for the Division I to pull this off in a gore-like manner that was present here.

I find it peculiar that Akane saw Kogami in Togane during the final scene–  yeah they might have had real weapons pointed at killers at one time but with all that is going on with Togane I don’t see many similarities.  Also how has Akane built such a strong enough partner relationship with him that he rivals Kogami?  Strange.

Thinking how Togane is the same height and weight of Kogami it would be a cry and shame to see him revealed to be Kogami in a future episode.  The cigarettes that Akane she is seen with lighting up and breathing in even down to her investigation methods are a call to Kogami and IF Togane is him would completely deconstruct how much she has matured from Season 1 into Season 2.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 5

vlcsnap-2014-11-11-19h53m32s158 vlcsnap-2014-11-11-19h54m30s194 vlcsnap-2014-11-11-19h55m31s155 vlcsnap-2014-11-11-19h56m47s147

The twist to move Togane into a direction that’s not on the same path as Akane will certainly lead to adding more depth to Shimotsuki.  She’s taking everything at face value just as Akane did when she was a rookie, but more annoying in that here she witnesses Togane pointing his dominating questionably at Akane under the direction of Sibyl makes a ton of sense.  After Akane’s declaration against Sibyl at the end of season one, the question remained how Sibyl would handle having her stay on board within the Bureau under close watch.  Togane might be just like Kasei, a Sibyl-created robot to establish order within the Division 1.  It’s creative but I can’t say I like this just yet because it’s too convenient.  However, it does make me wonder if he has anything to do with Kamui’s scar after seeing that conclusion–  was that Kasei in the picture with a young Togane?  Could she even be his very own mother at one time?

Predicable to say the least, that there is someone within Division 1 acting under Sibyl’s rules.  After Kasei’s conversation with Akane previously regarding Togane, I can see this most likely being the case.  The disappointing reaction she was having towards Shimotsuki’s tantrum about Akane’s ways in dealing with bureau related matters pushes this even further.

This show is going to be only eleven episodes and i’m a bit worried for the other enforcers we’ve been introduced even here–  cannon fodder is what’s probably going to happen to these guys.  Feel bad for them, but if Kamui had sacrificed so many others including civilians before, what’s to say he wouldn’t go this far again.  Also still think Sho has something do with Kamui considering who his seiyu is.

The first half focused largely on how the inspectors Ginoza and Shimotsuki were trying to overcome the death of Aoyanagi and Shimotsuki’s suspicions of Togane that it mislead where the plot is going with its villain[s].  We’re slowly being pulled into the rookie of this season understanding that she can begin to trust the people she works with.  At first she has complete faith in the Sibyl System only to witness the horrors of what those dominators are capable of doing to innocent people, what a way to turn this around here.

The situation at the drone facility utilized an entirely unique concept by implementing a social media mobile game to control the drones in order to kill people.  This just indicates even more on Kamui’s idea to have Sibyl destroy itself and heavily laid on the possibility of Kamui being Enforcer Kagari from season 1.  It might be a long shot but, Kagari was obsessed with video games and was taken out by Kasei and the question remains was his brain gone, or pulled out from the state of Sibyl as a new person just with a slightly different personality?  The skin that Togane found certainly explains how Kamui’s been able to remain undetectable by Sibyl but not why.

If I recall, the book Kogami was reading at the very end of season 1 was Proust’s Swan’s Way, and if Makishima’s collection of novels in that season had any indication of its plot then this book should foreshadow a lot if not a little bit of what the plot is divulging itself into.  Proust’s novel depicts this encompassing theme of recreating the past through memory, and with Psycho-Pass 2 we’ve got a villain so far that’s used holograms, chopped up body parts, tested out the design mechanisms of dominator’s and his determination to make society clear of the system.  See the correlation here,  Tow is using what writer Urobuchi excelled at without the hackneyed use of quotes, good to see this turning around slowly but surely in regards to that.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 4

vlcsnap-2014-11-03-16h35m52s173 vlcsnap-2014-11-03-16h36m03s8 vlcsnap-2014-11-03-16h36m32s51 vlcsnap-2014-11-03-16h37m58s137

Tastunoko did fairly decent at re-designing the animation to look more like season one, even the music for this episode was more orchestral and less electronic than it has ever been this entire season so far.  I’m not going to jump the gun and say that every scene looked fantastic as there were a few expressions here that Shimotsuki and Aoyonagi gave off that looked off but nevertheless it is a step in the right direction for the animation studio.   As for the music, thinking back, those first few episodes ended up having background music that all sounded very similar, the sounds were completely different than it’s predecessor, here though we are finally getting a small taste of what made the original series so good in terms of musical style as well.  Good to see the crew with Yuugo Kanno slowly returning to that.

Leaving off with that huge cliffhanger last time we end up getting a bureaucratic view of the Sibyl System and how it strictly follows its designation between criminals and victims–  in short, its all one sided.  The people trapped inside of the health care center are just like all of society: ingrained in believing in the system, but here is where this season two is able to tear this down in a completely new way.  As we saw in the first season when a young woman was beaten right in front of a crowd to proving how strong the bystander effect is within Sibyl, here we’ve got an isolated area where a similar situation is happening and among the victims is Inspector Aoyanagi for specific reasons by Kamui.  To further establish that the Sibyl System can be changed from Kamui’s perspective, from the outside–  this leads to dangerous effects which results in not just high stress levels of people but a slaughter by the end of it.  This episode handled something very well here in that it used Kasei with everything that had taken place from season one to establish this topple of the balance of power between Divisions 1 and 3 quite dramatically.  Shimotsuki was beside herself after those people started running out of the building–  her snobbish attitude in the faith she held for the Sibyl System was completely handed to her here which will undoubtedly mold her into a stronger inspector OR kill her.

Akane Tsunemori learned quite a lot from Kogami as we can see her utilize detective skills very well here too–  Kamui experimenting with Inspectors including testing out Dominators to see who all can be judged, Akane is able to ascertain a lot of this from questioning Masuda and its impressive to get a glimpse of her growth from last season to this more empowering female lead that she has become.


PSYCHO-PASS 2 Episode 3

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Looks like the opening animation was improved on with small details here and there–  the grain effects, the re-drawing of Akane and the others including some color filtering segments.  This was a vast improvement over what we’ve had the previous two episodes and I really like this new song by Ling Tosite Sigure.

The Sibyl System built around the idea that people can live peaceful lives without worry and without killing intent.  Season 1 took this inventive idea and used its antagonist Makishima to uncover the truth behind the system–  a giant network system that contains brains to improve society as a whole.  Only problem here and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for this anime to handle, was that he was a futuristic serial killer that took advantage of every situation without for the most part getting his hands dirty himself until the situations arose to do so.  Makishima failed however, because Kogami thought outside of the structure that society base their lives on, and here we finally get a taste of breaking down Sibyl in a completely different way than the first season.  The fact that the main antagonist of the first season was able to understand Kogami’s nature was evident enough that they were very similar when it comes to problem solving and the result?  Well, he didn’t want Kogami to waste his time with the system.  With the second season’s disappearance of Kogami, and without Makishima this show attempts at being just as solid as it’s first 22 episodes.  In fact the animation especially with this episode marks the first time I’ve noticed it looking a lot more like the designs from that, Akane looked more like her usual self than she ever did in the previous episodes of this new season.  Now onto talking about the episode.

To be accepted by the system, and clear criminals of their designated values in life– we see that with the tortured Shisui.  Interesting that it ends up being an inspector that is kidnapped and the reason here being that Kamui needs to break into Sibyl’s background to further his plans in disappearing everyone from the system’s grasp.  That first part could be mistaken for one of the disturbing scenes from the Oryo dismemberment case arc, every part of this scene here was timed so well, and the frightened Shisui evolving into a person saved from the system’s rules left me even wondering why is Kamui going this far?  This wasn’t even the only part of the story that was questioned here–  Togane having the highest crime coefficient ever on record and Kasei’s comment to Akane about reporting back to her often might illustrate that she wants to develop a new Makishima for Sibyl’s gain.

Mika was a lot better this episode and a bit less annoying than what we’ve previously seen of her–  her displeasure at seeing Saiga at the isolation facility, accusing Akane of making up the “WC?” marking was just the tip of the iceberg in her development.  We also got a good view of her style of justice when she apprehended representative Kotoku Masuda.  A young woman that witnessed a horrific incident from season one, that follows the rules, without thinking outside of the box just speculates that she could end up getting killed before all of this is over.  One problem I do have however, is if she knows of Saiga’s records AND she is hung up on Akane wouldn’t she have looked at her records and found out about how Makishima’s behavior had been during all those incidents in the past?  There is a pattern here that both Makishima and Kamui share that they negate the possibilities of Sibyl’s enforcement–  somehow I find it rather hard to believe Mika has been unable to catch wind of this.

Speaking of Saiga’s discussion with Akane about the “WC?” case is slowly starting to push forward to bring Kogami into the spotlight justly empowers the logical dilemma that the writer’s chose to use here–  “the devil’s proof”.  Kamui a man that clears others’ Psycho-Pass’ ultimately changing their hue points at tons of other elements to the story here.  Togane and Sho in particular.

Togane comes from a wealthy family and hurt by Kitazawa and a man that had the highest psycho-pass ever:  the writers may have tossed in a clue that he might have been saved by Kamui at some point in time.  We’ve also got Sho, the holo designer, as it would make sense for him to be helping Kamui in how he’s been able to evade the scan in the premiere, and turned from a woman to himself from the holofield.  With the logical dilemma introduced here, where is the proof this is the right or wrong answer?  With tons of questions raised and only eight more episodes left I hope that with the absence of Gen Urobuchi doesn’t affect this.  The director Shiotani I know can execute this well but with Tow Ubukata handling the story sometimes I wonder–  he did polish up a fairly strong story in the Murdock Scramble films, and novels.  So let’s see what he can do with this.