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Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Episode 3

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I have to admit, I am enjoying this show a ton. Is the shojo genre finally returning after so many years of moe, dull humor, and comedy just about sex? This episode really hit the mark, it was very funny.

You can see a huge relationship blossom here between Livius and Nike. There was only one boob joke this whole entire episode about her being flat chested and they did it so tastefully. Space Dandy has an emphasis on boob jokes. That series still manages to be humorous because they chose to incorporate it into the main character’s ideals, a restaurant, and Dr. Gel’s key to unlocking the universe. In other words, these two series are alike in the way they handle the topic of sex. Space Dandy layers it on in many different forms through its plot. Soredemo knows that its an important topic, but because the main characters have only known each other for a little while its icing on the cake in maturing the two leads relationship. This episode handled this subject extraordinarily well.

Livius is a great counter to Nike. Originally, even after seeing episode two I felt like the death of the mother was extremely cliche. Given the amount of flashbacks we had last episode, it was really very draining! This episode did a complete turn around with my initial impression of that, threw it out the window, and gave off something entirely fresh!

The death of his mother elicited a whole new meaning for Livius this episode. How much he wants to protect someone. The love he is slowly finding in Nike is giving him a different strength we hadn’t seen before yet. It wasn’t until he defended Nike against those harsh words from the Duke that I realized this monumental change. The dialogue throughout that entire scene left me speechless. Up until now I haven’t seen a series at least in quite a while have a courteous interchange in banter. Not only did that scene illustrate this style very well,  but for the majority of Livius and Nike’s couple scenes too! This left such a strong impact on the entire cast!

In regards to the manga, which I haven’t read a lot of it I would say that the writing for this adaptation here was spot on! I was pleasantly surprised with this episode, because I was thinking that this series wouldn’t be anything to write home about, I was wrong. Seriously this was one incredible episode! Although the animation was a bit off in a few scenes and the character’s facial expressions seemed stiff in a few areas, overall it was a nice presentation of the shojo genre. Something that I feel like has been long forgotten with romance anime series or even comedy series for that matter! I really hope that this series can keep up with the same stylistic forte this episode had! Much better than the previous two episodes!


Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Episode 2

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So I ended up spoiling myself by reading the manga of the first few chapters of this series. I will avoid any further spoilers past the anime for non-manga readers. King Livius played off of Nike very well.

This episode I felt was less cheesier than the first episode, because it explored Nike’s charm in a whole new light. Finding out the man she is to marry is that of a boy, to wind up in jail by him, and taking an arrow for him! She doesn’t give up on the kindness of others. I can now see how she reminded me of Kyoko Mogami of Skip Beat! Helping others regardless of their own actions and ideals. As we learned this episode, Livius finds war and fighting to be entertaining, portraying that the world isn’t beautiful. [Hence the title of the series]

Nike is in her own world when it comes to things of the natural world, this was developed so well with her admiration for flowers. If you stand back and really take a look at everything that you’ve conquered it doesn’t matter. It’s too trivial, at least in the eyes of Livius.

Of course the monumental reasoning behind this was the assassination of his mother 3 years prior. I have to say that is the one thing that was overplayed this episode. We get how she was a big impact on his life but using the same scene over and over was a tad bit overkill.

Finally seeing Nike’s rain power in action was very cool! The power of song brings a sort of enchantment to the ability that she has, and a shojo series like this illustrated this extremely well!

Didn’t notice this until the second time I watched the OP, but none of the characters other than Nike are featured in Episode 1! Episode 2 they’ve added in the characters to it, great attention to detail there! Looks like the creators didn’t want to spoil the story through the OP on the first episode!