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The Rolling Girls Episode 3

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This show is the exact opposite of Yuri Kuma Arashi.  As much as that series plays with its metaphors this one is pure enjoyment visually and with its original story.  After seeing her friend and the woman she looked up to, Maccha Green be defeated and lose her powers, Nozomi begins her adventure of finding moonlight stones with her friends-  Yukina, Ai and Chiaya.  Ah this series is so creative!  The memory pad that Chiaya uses to show Nozomi and the others how she found her stone and the Always Comima town these girls travel to in search of more stones!  It was a visual feast with the background art where the character designs didn’t drop in quality one bit!

I’m glad Rolling Girls is taking this route–  an adventure anime that’s good for kids and adults.  This reminds me a lot of what Kyousogiga gave us a few years back in how daring it was to tell a story with themes for everyone to enjoy.  The Two Towers concept is back as the girls finally arrive at the previous capital, Always Comima.

We’ve got a strong staff working on this episode–  art director Kunihiko Inaba (art director of Giovanni’s Island and  handles this wonderfully.  What I really enjoyed were the background designs of the city–  Eriko Shibayama (Masaaki Yuasa’s Space Dandy episode 16 background art) drew this and it looks amazing and really unique!

Refreshing to see considering how ongoing the plot has been and how much his hidden behind the scenes.  So Chiaya loses her stone to ThunderRoad after the group is suspected of being members of the Dynamite Bombers.  The reveal of who this notorious clan is was only revealed in a flashback here and it develops ThunderRoad’s character quite nicely here.  I also like how there is the parallel from the first two episodes to this with ThunderRoad’s ideals in protecting the city.  Very similar to how far Maccha Green goes to protect her friends within her town.

However we’ve got a twist that introduces personal motives.  What makes the situation intriguing is now there’s a Best having lost her own stone mistakes Chiaya’s stone as hers.  ThunderRoad is an otaku enamored with the Rick & Shaw statue and wants to purchase it–  ends up finding her own stone in the statue’s hair. The President of Tokorazawa sends State of Secretary to make an agreement with ThunderRoad for her moonstone–  something big is on the horizon in terms of the main plot.  Also we finally get a chance to see here that the President is in fact Chiaya’s mother which makes a lot more sense now that she knows Nozomi, Ai and Yukina’s childhood names.  Things are coming together and with the Dynamite Bombers preparing another attack on Always Comima this is about the right time for Nozomi and the other girls to do something really cool.


The Rolling Girls Episode 2

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Picking right up from last time the recruits of the Hiyoshi Town Propellers are on a derailed roller coast from the Higashi Murakami clan.  Seeing how Nozomi didn’t do much in the premiere I’d say this was a fitting place to develop her as the new hero of this series. Utoku being Maccha Green explores how adventurous in the same way that Kyousogiga had been and now that she’s at a confrontation against the Murakami Head Kuniko, this sure paved a strong way in introducing what this series is advertised as:  a group of girls riding motorcycles.

The comedy didn’t let up–  the alligator seriously will we ever see whose underneath that mask?  He’s even called Crocodile.  Haha!  I like how whimsical Rolling Girls truly is while underneath it all its an idol series.  A battle between clans, Utoku vs. Kuniko, Best vs. Best and how quickly developed that alternating roller coaster tracks were.  The animation was still top notch here and I still can’t believe WIT STUDIO the same team behind Shingeki no Kyojin is producing this show!  Kuniko is deceived quite a bit by Utoku here–  it isn’t the suit delivering the power to her but the heart stone.  Bringing back the outcome of the ramen eating contest here was wonderful!  I loved the scene a lot it!  Ended up being really funny and beautifully animated with the maboroshi at the center of it all!  I also like how its this humorous scene that gradually leads up to the identity of Maccha Green!

As much as this is about Utoku protecting Nozomi this was more about Nozomi finding her resolve and growing up.  To sum it up it feels like a wild coming-of-age idol series for not just Nozomi but Utoku and Kuniko as well!  Kuniko’s past is somewhat revealed here and I like how it is the complete opposite of how she is a villain.  A hero wanting to uphold justice because the hero she admired never existed.  Interesting backstory that I’m sure with the final flashback of her attaining a heart stone will dive more into later on.  The repercussions between the two of them provides more than enough start for Nozomi’s journey in collecting the heart stones.

The president of Tokorozawa Haruka Misono being the original member of a heart stone makes this story even more interesting as how many of these are there?  The act that was put into place when it comes to harming others that aren’t bests presents a satisfying conclusion to the heroic days of Maccha Green.

What a nice turnaround here for the girls Nozomi, Yukina, Ai and Chiaya.  Somehow they are childhood friends, it might be too convenient but for a series as silly as this one it works out.

Also like how composer Masaru Yokohama is working on two series this season–  Shigatasu wa Kimi no Uso focusing on classical pieces with an emotional impact and now Rolling Girls rocksteady guitar riffs with a slight mix of techno beats.  I like how laid back this score is.  Vastly different soundtracks by this artist really shows his skill!

I hope this series can continue this trend of being arbitrary and erratically fun!


The Rolling Girls Episode 1

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PLOT:  Ten years after the Great TokyoWar, each prefecture in Japan has split up into independent nations. Each nation is ruled by a prophet called “Mosa” and an army called “Mob” as they start to compete to take over other countries. Four “Mob” girls from the Saitama clan, Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya, are ordered by their “Mosa” to travel around Japan riding their motorcycles to mediate multiple battles between nations and clans as they emerge. {Taken from ANN}

Talk about a series with high production values!  I’m impressed by WIT STUDIO’s works:  Shingeki no KyojinHōzuki no Reitetsu, and they will be animating in April Tagami Kagami’s shonen manga Seraph of the End.  Can’t wait to see what they have in store for Noitamina’s mysterious anime Kōtetsujō no Kabaneri as well!  The soundtrack here isn’t widely magnificent like Hiroyuki Sawano’s works or this season’s Yumi Kuma Arashi’s Hashimoto’s musical score but it does capture the balancing themes of the story well.  A whimsical fantasy adventure about gangs rivaling around Japan.

Based on the 2014 manga from Guilty Crown’s author Miyagi Yousuke comes a shonen series about gangs.  The premiere here decided on being extremely flashy and I hope this doesn’t run their budget dry for the remaining episodes.

My concern right now is having Guilty Crown‘s concept writer’s manga into an anime adaptation here, but somewhere the silliness of the gangs, Saitama and Higashi Murakami works out surprisingly well.  Maccha Green feels out of place in the beginning but this actually succeeded in bridging the gap between being really serious to being comedic.  Reminds me a lot of the Flamengers from the Samurai Flamenco arc.  Rolling Girls has traces of the tokusatsu genre amidst being a tried and true shonen series with girls battling each other for the protection of their own territories throughout Japan in wildly flashy costumes.  I am going to enjoy this series just for what it is:  an entertaining ride of wackiness.  Similar to how Kyousogiga had been.

Nozomi Moritomo, a teenage girl and new recruit of Hiyoshi Town Propellers.  A really like how they didn’t use the main lead here as a buffer to wrap the story around her rather than what she appreciates–  the Saitama gang and her neighbor Masami Utoku.  As for Utoku she is secretly Maccha Green and the story here didn’t force it down our throat so dramatically rather they used Higashi Murakami’s representative leader and Mosa prophet Executive Kuniko.

Japanese food culture is always a huge part of comedy anime series and Rolling Girls chooses to focus this popular country’s food, ramen as a ad-hoc link in switching genres.  The ramen contest between the two Mosa prophets initiates a hilarity between the two sides and it was great to see the cook involve himself by giving them a second handful. A playful battle of indulging in a cultural food to defend the honor of segregation between areas of Japan!  Genius!

The transition that progresses this here to more of a wacky drama happens to be Kuniko’s invitation to Maccha Green [Utoku] at the amusement park.  It’s this situation that utilizes a light-hearted setting and evolves it into leaving the Hiiyoshi Town Propellers’ recruits on the roller coaster and blowing up a section of the tracks.  Strong cliffhanger:  Utsuko needs to make it in time to save all of them and that very quick flashback of her and what looks to be a younger Nozomi surrounded by a group of people foreshadows this dark tone quite a bit!

OP:  “Tsuki no Bakugekiki” (月の爆撃機) by The Rolling Girls

No opening animation was featured in this first episode but the song was used as an over layer between Propellers and Murakami gangs.  Fluffy song that gives off the brightness this series focus on:  in terms of animation with the sparkling pink and starry explosions and it’s wacky story.

ED: “1,000 Violins” (1000のバイオリン) by the Rolling Girls

Unique animations that illustrates the whimsical aspects of the series’ battles between the gangs and uses the main cast of girls as the singers of this song that introduces the idol genre.  Generic song for most idol series.