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Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata Episode 4

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Coming from the creator of White Album,  Maruto Fumiaki it is without any doubt that Saenai will contain a lot of fluff material to move it along.  The harem genre is quite popular with this author and I’m curious to see how he’s going to shift away from this style with the original animated work Classroom Crisis.

Saenai  utilizes various female characters and classify them in different “moe” roles all based around the male lead of the story.  It’s a generic setup where the follow through is very creative.  It’s a sly narrative jab at portraying a slice-of-life school setting about a high-school otaku that wants to create the very scenario he’s living out.  Without even realizing it himself!

Eriri is a yandere–  she is soft and cute on the outside but on the inside is a twisted ecchi doujin writer that strikes Tomoya even at the slightest perverted glance.  Her personality ultimately solidifies her part in creating the Blessing Software doujin game.  Utaha is on the other end of the spectrum–  she’s a mayadere and a kuudere rolled into one.  She seeks approval and praise from Tomoya but will make a game out of it for him–  most of what we’ve seen between the relationship between Tomoya and her has been an intellectual torment.  I’m really glad the mangakan didn’t sideline life outside of doujin creation because there are so many layers of these characters that can be tossed around that can go wonderfully right or horribly wrong.

A-1 Pictures nod to SHAFT can greatly be seen especially here where there is this combination between heavy-combatant witty dialogue with subtle tongue-and-cheek conversations that seem forcefully restrained.  Tomoya being the chosen reviewer of Utaha’s romance works is undeniable proof that this show is indeed neglecting this even further.  It’s as if Sanaei is deliberately avoiding strong sensual expectations from these girls–  this does in fact work out decently.  However, this style could end up being stale if its overused especially when we’re working with a 1-cour series.  It’s also been recently announced that Sanaei will be receiving a second season.  Switching scenarios up will be crucial in making this series “less boring”.

Tomoya becomes flustered when he sees Megumi with another young man–  his realistic motivation in establishing her as the true heroine of his game [or life in this sense]  is clearly into focus considering how he backs this up by asking her out on a date!


Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 1

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Where do I even begin?  Don’t be fooled by the bright animation here–  this is NOT a series for young kids one bit and the opening sequence was a strong indication of that.  For one thing there had to be more sexual innuendos in this single episode than any other series that I had watched from 2014!  This promotes Yuri Kuma as an anime that isn’t entertaining but very intellectual and to an extent that not a single line of dialogue should be missed by the viewer.

Going into this I was expecting a dark tone by the end considering how this is coming from director Kunihiko Ikuhara, the same guy whom created Revolutionary Girl Utena and 2011’s Mawaru Penguindrum and that is exactly what we got here.  While the earlier series Utena was a deep philosophical view of beauty about an all-girls school introducing women in love with each other by using a defender of justice to uphold peace within the academy.  Penguindrum was an oddball-dramedy that focused heavily as a mahou shojo tragedy series with psychological breaks at every twist and turn– especially with Ringo Oginome.  Ikuhara took what he did really well with those series and mashed them together to develop this very obscurely sexualized yuri themed mahou shojo anime featuring bears at the forefront.  Which interestingly enough, bears and penguins have always been a trademark of sorts for Ikuhara.  In Penguindrum‘s case it was in order to help the Takakura brothers find and save their sister while Utena used them as a background device.

Yuri Kuma uses them as a terrifying and alluring evil–  amazing divergence of what we see visually with these creatures–  fluffy and soft.  At first I was worried about the production studio that was going to be doing the animation here, but after what I saw here, I was pleasantly surprised.  SILVER LINK did fine work at producing this first episode–  it wasn’t over the top nor was it a high-standard in animation but a rather sublimely attractive series with some backgrounds that look right out of a painting.  The story also followed this style as well.  Really like the character designs!

There are no males in this except the court’s Life Sexy and Life Beauty–  have to say this episode didn’t sideline any ridiculous aspects as these names are wildly different.  The Wall of Extinction I feel depicts so many elements that this series is going to charge forth with–  man vs. bear, women vs. man and the relationships that blossom between them.  The Severance Barrier was s solid indication–  a challenge against love.

The flower representing a calamity from the humans and bears break of a nonaggression pact wasn’t the only idea that presents itself here as it also focuses on Kureha and Sumika’s romantic discovery of each other in a bizarrely beautiful way.  Even in the beginning where Sumika describes the flower garden as beautiful right where Kureha stands symbolizes the heart of this show both visually and in terms of story–  an amorously dreamy young love between two girls.  This isn’t the first time Ikuhara has made an object like the flower in Yuri Kuma to illustrate young passion.  Ikuhara’s earlier 90’s work Utena used rose petals as a way to distinguish the romanticism between Utena and Anthy.

What impresses me the most about this episode was how well it was deceiving the viewer with its characters–  the bears in disguise as humans Ginko and Lulu and the attraction that they have is a double entendre of mistaken identity.  A ‘bear shock’ so to speak that metaphors on tons of levels!  Ginko and Lulu are new transfer students hidden with a guise of wanting to feast on a young girl in a voluptuous yuri tendering way which we see with the flower blossoming from the naked Kureha after the courtroom’s decision.  And two being the monstrous yet mysterious ‘grinding’ that these two bears HAVE to do in order to survive and eat.  Which Mitsuko discovers at the end here–  Ginko and Lulu in their bear forms eating Sumika!

Mystical, widely ambitious, attractively peculiar and intellectually inviting, I cannot wait to see what Ikuhara’s going to do with this series.  Especially since he wrote the manga since it finished its first chapter had been a complete derailment from what this first episode did in transitioning from a light-hearted mahou shojo anime into a mischievously naughty and playful anime that uses fantasy themes around a school setting about lesbians battling otherworldly bears that were brought to life on Earth by a meteor shower.

Also want to point out that Space Dandy’s main seiyuu Junichi Sawabe portrays Life Sexy in this.


OP: Ano Mori de Matteru (あの森で待ってる)” by Bonjour Suzuki

This was a fantastic opening as it provides a attractive abstract view of girls in love while bears are invading Earth.  The band emerged on the scene just in the past year and uses a mix of styles that include electro, hip-hop, and j-pop.  Lyrics are a diverse collection of English, Japanese, and French.  The vocalist for this song uses a faint-sounding voice to capture the whimsical perverse aspects of this series really well in this opening.  Absolutely fantastic!

ED: “TERRITORY” by Ginko Yurishiro (Miho Arakawa), Lulu Yurigasaki (Yoshiko Ikuta), Kureha Tsubaki (Nozomi Yamane)

A techno-sound mixed with traditional j-pop sounding vocals, not much to say here but that the visuals utilize a pastel theme;  definitely an ending that deludes the viewer into thinking that this show is going to be a light-hearted romance.



Ping Pong The Animation Episode 4

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I am very impressed with this Noitamina. This show continues to be getting better than the previous episodes! Here, we had a look back into Peco and Tsukimoto’s past. We also had the outcome after the match of Tsukimoto vs. Kong. We also were shown Peco vs. Manabu and Kazama vs. Kong. We even had the aftermath of that too! All in 24 minutes! This just proves the pace of this series is perfect for a 1-cour airing!

Peco’s match was the best one we’ve seen yet! I really like how this series chooses to switch up its animation techniques for each game that’s played. Their match was slow, and then got faster and faster! Unlike Tsukimoto’s match against Kong where there was a few fast scenes in between full panel shots, we actually got a real game of pong here! This was incredibly animated!

Kazama was one scary opponent. Even before the match began and Kong’s coach wasn’t too worried, I knew something was up from the student of Kaio Academy. Yuasa definitely played on this here with his monster characteristics thrown in. Yuasa really distinguishes himself from a lot of other directors with the way he animates his series. The use of monsters in Kemonozume, the mushroom story of Episode 9 in Samurai Champloo and the symbolisms of college life in Tatami Galaxy. The imagery they used for Kazama was wonderful! I really like how he is very interested in Tsukimoto’s playing abilities. This is the second time he’s tried to recruit him with different methods. Having a strong script to work with and the dialogue from the manga really helped illustrate his conversation with Tsukimoto very well! Not only was Kazama a monster in the game of pong but the school he came from had all the possibilities available to their team to ensure they can win. This was greatly foreshadowed by Manabu’s tenacious match against Peco. What development there! Great episode that has furthered the characters at such higher lengths than before, and its not even at its half-way point yet!



Here are the list of series I will be covering this season.

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Space Dandy

Golden Time

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i will try within the next few days to put up summaries for the previous episodes of these series. I have been working on an overall ranking system for each episode that airs as well.