Barakamon Episode 2

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Masaki Tachibana has only directed two series prior to this show.  .Hack/Quantum which ended up being an averagely decent adventure series based on MMO video games.  Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 had been a fascinating view into the slice-of-life genre- one that took a real setting included a what-if scenario and placed every person in the show with an identity.  I realize having seen both of those series how much this director has grown with skill.  This could’ve have easily been a suitable series to air on Noitamina just as how Magnitude 8.0 was.  The amount of maturity here.     The comedy was just as good if not better than the first episode.  It’s refreshing to see how much Naru is influenced by others. To behave and talk in the manner that she did in this episode just goes to show the authenticity of her youth.  The introductions of both Miwa and Tawa were cleverly developed here.  Cause trouble Seishuu by reminiscing of the past.

Pretty neat the amount of talent hidden in that darkened room- and even more intriguing how it left such an impact on Hiroshi.  Seeing as how at the start he wasn’t too fond of the guy free-loading meals from his family just about every day.  One worry I do have is when will we learn about the process behind calligraphy instead of using it as backstory for Seishuu?    The dialogue and the animation came together so smoothly in that pass-out scene with Hiroshi.  I want to point out a show like Space Dandy is wacky, wild, wierd and sometimes uncalled for in its sexual references. Barakamon is understated in the way it handles this element. It hits you in the face without a moments notice-and so quickly with the dialogue too! The S&M scenes, the nurse throughout the episode vying for Seishuu was hilarious. She wasn’t coming off too strong yet with Seishuu’s no interest attitude got her really pissed off! Haha! I have not seen a bit of fan service in this series at all and with moments like these its wonderful. Seeing a series handle situations in such a delicate way is highly engaging.


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