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Samurai Flamenco 85/100

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So I am slowly getting my final impressions out for some of these series. Space Dandy final review should show up in the next few days or so. The initial reason why I started this blog was to create a kind of anime inventory of what I have seen. After putting up a few posts, I am starting to view anime in a different light, not just for the entertainment factor, but a lot more expressively. There are a lot more trends that anime series seem to follow that I have noticed a lot more and more. I have seen some really well-done series like Cowboy Bebop, The Tatami Galaxy, and Noein are to name just a few, and some poorly crafted ones as well. Fractale, Guilty Crown and Mahō Senshi Riui all had potential but fell flat. Fractale and Samurai Flamenco followed the mold of “not knowing what to be”. These two shows were for the majority of their run well executed, yet for some reason or another there was an element [Fractale – ending, and change in direction of characters; Samurai Flamenco – further story development] to their stories that didn’t sell well for me at least. I will say now that Samurai Flamenco is without a doubt a much much better series than Fractale. Just want to be clear on that before I continue on here. Also I want to point out that this is my personal opinion on these series subjectively. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco 85/100

Samurai Flamenco Episode 21


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The final episode is airing this week, and I figured I should probably post about last week’s episode before this series ends. Oh MANGLOBE I really had hoped that you would have saved a bit more budget for these final episodes. It isn’t that this episode was animated poorly [thinking of Psycho-Pass episode 18’s broadcast, now that was horrendous], they just could have done a better job at the movements of the characters a bit more smoothly.

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Samurai Flamenco Episodes 18-20

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I know I know it has been quite awhile since I have been posting but I have been very busy catching up on a ton of series I’ve missed, picking up new ones, along with real life obligations. My goal is to catch up on all the Noitamina series by the end of the year. I believe I only have 3 left to watch. Hakaba Kitaro which is impossible to find, Jyu-oh-sei, and Honey and Clover second season. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco Episodes 18-20

Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

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I will admit this series continues to get more ridiculous as it progresses, but the characterization in it is what really keeps me watching this! This series originally started as Masayoshi wanting to become a hero, so he tackles small time injustice. From there we went to in Episode 7 with the introduction of Guillotine Gorilla and that completely shifted the genre of this series. It ran with a whimsical premise of a long-sought childhood dream of becoming a superhero and finally becoming one to ACTUALLY fighting King Torture and From Beyond. This posed the wonderful question of “is being a hero all that it is cracked up to be?”. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

Samurai Flamenco Episode 16

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This episode was fantastic! What a way to bring the series full circle, with the Flamenco girls return! Things are finally settling down with the action for a while it seems with the Flamengers including Kaname in custody, Masayoshi is their only hope. What I really liked about this episode was going back to its roots; going between drama to comedy and the subtle ominous music in the background. Continue reading Samurai Flamenco Episode 16

Samurai Flamenco Episodes 1-15 [Introduction Review]


This series started in October 2013, airing on the Noitamina programming block alongside Galilei Donna. A little background about Noitamina before I dive into this odd series. Noitamina is known for it’s unique set of series that had begun way back in 2005. Over the years, the programming network gradually added to its lineup some titles that were more geared towards kids, for example Guilty Crown, which had huge potential with Director Tetsuo Araki [Death Note, Attack on Titan], music by Hiryouki Sawano [Kill La Kill, Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan], and of course SUPERCELL. This series was a total disaster and the only redeeming factor of that Fall 2011 lineup that saved it was it’s other title UN-GO. 2012 was a fantastic year for Noitamina gearing back to the old days of Josei, and more adult-themed series. These were Kids on the Slope [Director Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Space Dandy] Tsuritama, Natsuyuki Rendezvous that oddly enough had the voice acting completed prior to animation, and of course my favorite Science Fiction Series PSYCHO-PASS. So Noitamina was known for pulling a mixed bag of series every season. Samurai Flamenco was no different and continues to be a compelling, yet crazy and confusing story.

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