Garo -Honō no Kokuin Episode 14

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Remember all those episodic adventures between Leon and German and how good they were?  Well it’s back here with a completely different key character–  Alfonso.  As much as the last episode focused on Leon’s gradual evolution without his father guiding him this one introduces the stories of Count Juste and Lord Roland.  The build up was nice to have Gaspard Montes a thief that attracts the attention of the Valiante kingdom by attacking carriages set up the valiant Count Juste and the mystery surrounding his wife Isabelle and his rival Lord Roland.

German is never going to change is he?  Picking flowers out as a thanks for Ximena being the only reason he wants to go to the castle and pretending he knows that Horrors lurk there from Alfonso.  I can see this team being a lot more comical than when Leon was with him.  Alfonso is a prince and has his honor to uphold so I can see his relationship with German playing off each other quite hilarious.

Gaspard’s daughter Fana taking in Alfonso’s uncle German was a nice touch to circle this back around the main cast.  Now we’ve got a similar style of what the beginning of this series had in having a collection of separate narrative content.  It was not much of a surprise to me that Fana was going to be used here as the damsel-in-distress.  Count Juste’s admiration towards a mistaken Isabelle.  Garo returns here in full with the fantasy side of things that this series has excelled in previously!

I really like how both Count Juste and Lord Roland turned into Horrors a long time ago and its up to Garo Knight Alfonso and German to vanquish the demons.  What’s even cooler is how Lord Roland takes possession of Gaspard.  It’s this very fight that depicts rivals and an old man hell-bent on not giving his daughter to anyone on so many levels!

Leon is shown in this episode but not with a lot of screen time.  His conversation with Ema evokes the setup this second half needs to propel itself with a bigger main story without Mendoza quite well!


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