Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata Episode 8

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Last time was build up for everything that occurs here–  Tomoya helps Izumi out by promoting her doujin at Comiket.  Since the series began I’ve noticed that this series is a tried-and-true harem with a unique twist–  Eriri and Utaha both accept the fact that Megumi isn’t there for romance purposes but for Tomoya’s career goal of creating a doujin game that will capture people’s hearts.  Both girls are here to help Tomoya get this idea into a reality through their talents of writing and artistic skills.

With the introduction of Izumi last episode there is finally a storm coming–  she’s disturbing the once complacent relationships between the three girls and Tomoya in the most generic harem way as possible–  jealousy.  She’s vying for his attention and affections–  through Tomoya’s eagerness at making her inspired to enjoy japanese illustrated works.  Utaha is absent for pretty much the entire episode and it makes sense here that why this is.  This is more keen on a rivalry between Eriri and Izumi–  two doujin artists trying to make it big in the world of Comiket.  Great way to enrich these characters by learning about their own personal goals while the main story of doujin authoring takes a backseat.

Knowing that this series will be receiving a second season sometime in the future this makes this episode one of the stronger ones of Saenai due to its cleverly-timed sequences of passion between Izumi wanting to become better, Tomoya vicariously fighting in promoting Izumi’s work so that he can understand how he will jump start his and of course Eriri’s dramatic cries for help.  My favorite character here though has to be Megumi because while she’s dense she is acting out [in various ways] how she should be Tomoya’s girlfriend wonderfully–  “get your mitts off my Tomoya, you home wrecker”.  Her scenes are really funny and is a fantastic contrast between reality and the otaku dream of game creation.


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