Black Bullet Episode 1

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STORY: Main character Rentaro is bonded with Enju, a cursed child. Together they fight monsters that contain a virus that plagues their world killing humans.

What was that?! The episode jumped into a childhood scene of Rentaro without any kind of explanation as to why that was happening! The pacing for this first episode was rushed, and all over the place. We get introduced to a main villain in the first 5 minutes of the episode, without any sort of explanation of who they were. Enju was very annoying, and of course they put in a relationship between the two that is unbalanced. Their chemistry together was horrible! The animation was very moe and for a series about parasitic viruses ended up being very bright even in the darker scenes. I was surprised by the fluid animation in the fights that was one thing that was executed well. Other than that there wasn’t anything special about this episode. The explanation of the Gastrea was being explained and then left out, and then we learned about the Initiators being children from women infected with the Gastrea virus. Too much telling without showing! This is how NOT to do a first episode. The animation on the Gastrea in the opening sequence was very flimsy looking.


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