Captain Earth Episode 17

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Often there are times where anime series like to introduce newer characters for the sake of making the actual plot more intriguing.  Star Driver managed to gather everything together quite nicely- but there have been series in the past that struggle adding in this element of surprise.

Code Geass was a train wreck in its second season with Anya and the Knights of Rounds.  Guilty Crown suffered a lot from this especially after episode 15- Shu Ouma’s decisions drastically contradicted themselves which moved only thanks to the heart of the story. This is bad writing and planning. This leads to either a rushed ending, deus ex machina, flatly developed people, horrible pacing.

Inspector Ando of Salty Dog arrives to question the actions of the Midsummer Knights only to be thrown for a loop by the end of the episode- primarily when the new Impactors got taken over by Kiltgang. She’s obviously here to replace Reito and there was not a lot of identity on her this episode.  As much as this series honors Star Driver I can clearly see a lot of Eureka Seven in here as well.  Kids with unique abilities help pilot robots.  Sound familiar?  Renton reminds me a lot of how Daichi is in protecting his friends, and here was where we saw a taste of that here.  Do hope the final episodes as this second half progresses doesn’t get rushed, as I am enjoying this series quite a lot. Akari once again was awesome this episode.  I should also mention how well this series continues on not leaving aside preparation- both the Earth Engine Impactor and the Nebula Engine Impactor took time to receive their parts and going up into space.  Nice to see how this is not tossed aside like many shows typically do!


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